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Budget-Friendly Cleaning Solutions For Your Home

In a perfect world, we would be expecting the amazing folks at Steady Pro Cleaning professional cleaning services at our homes everyday to keep things tidy. However, not everyone has the budget to hire home cleaning services every day. What’s a homeowner to do when the need for house cleaning Kansas City arises and she’s a little bit short on the budget? The answer is in budget-friendly cleaning solutions that will keep the place presentable and clean – naturally – until you can call Steady Pro Cleaning professional cleaning services.

Natural Cleaning Solutions

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When you are still not yet going to call the home cleaning services for their usual upkeep, you can maintain some semblance of cleanliness in your home with some natural cleaning solutions. One great example is using baking soda as a cleaning agent. Many services that provide house cleaning Kansas City will give baking soda the thumbs up, because it is safe, effective and economical. You can use it to clean tiles, counters, toilet bowls and much more. Simply shake out a good amount of baking soda, add a little water to make a paste and use that along with a cleaning rag to rid areas of dirt.

Some people rely on professional cleaning services like Steady Pro Cleaning to keep their home spic and span for health reasons – as a clean home will always be a healthy home. But when you are in between appointments with home cleaning services, the best you can do is to do some disinfecting yourself. Add a couple drops of tea tree oil to a bucket of water and use that solution for when you wipe down counters and other high traffic areas. An approved method by any house cleaning Kansas City service, the tea tree oil is a natural disinfectant that will keep the germs away, sans the chemicals. Make sure to pay attention to things your family usually touches, like doorknobs and telephone receivers!

Window Wash Downs

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If your windows are quite grimy that they already warrant a call to Steady Pro Cleaning professional cleaning services (but you cannot at the moment), don’t fret. All you need for the meantime while waiting for your schedule at house cleaning Kansas City is some vinegar and old newspapers. It might seem like a sour deal at first, but vinegar does an amazing job of clearing windows better than old soap and dish detergent. And it’s definitely chemical free, so there’s no harm on your skin if you get in contact with it! A simple soak of some balled-up newspaper into a dish of vinegar should be enough to wipe a few panes down.

Upcycled Cleaning Rags

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And finally, there’s no reason to buy fancy cleaning rags for cleaning the different parts of your home. If you have raggedy old cotton or terry cloth shirts that have clearly seen better days, you can still cut them up to the desired cleaning size and use them for all your cleaning and wiping needs. Sure, it does not look as professional as what Steady Pro Cleaning professional cleaning services use. But this is a good way to save on your budget as you only need to buy the other cleaning materials commonly used by home cleaning services such as sponges, brushes, mops and the like! Remember: While house cleaning Kansas City is usually a lot better when you employ the services of home cleaning services, it does not mean you cannot do anything to keep your home clean and sanitized anymore!