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Common Carpet Cleaning Woes That Plague Most Owners

For many people, a carpet can be a sort-of finishing touch to a home. However, owning one also comes with a host of problems that will require professional help from carpet cleaning services Kansas City. Here are some carpet cleaning woes that we’ve culled together that you might be able to relate with – along with some sound advice from the best carpet cleaning service providers themselves.

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1. Juice and drink stains. Whether you like to throw a wine tasting party or your children practically bathe in sticky juice, these beverages usually end up staining the carpet. A carpet cleaning service is usually what’s on the agenda when the troublesome spot is hard to rub out. One carpet cleaning tip that carpet cleaning services Kansas City will share is to dab at the spot and allow the napkin or rag to absorb most of it. Scrub gently on what is left with some light detergent and leave it out to dry.

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2. Pet hair that’s clinging on to the fibers. Many carpet cleaning services Kansas City report that pet owners sometimes have trouble getting rid of their pet’s hair from the carpet. Carpet cleaning via vacuum sometimes does not do the trick. Before you call a carpet cleaning service, you can try brushing the area first with a coarse bristle brush to get the hairs off the carpet fibers.

3. Gum stuck on your carpet. You’ll be surprised to find out just how much gum carpet cleaning services Kansas City cleans up during a job. Usually, those gum stains show signs of struggle around the general area, leaving the impression that the owner made vain attempts to get it out and ended up in defeat. Carpet cleaning for gum stains requires icing over the gum itself to freeze and harden it. Once it hardens, according to the best carpet cleaning service providers that shared this tip, you will have an easier time getting it out.

4. Grease stains or oil spills on the area. Nothing is more unsightly than a carpet that’s laden with grease or oil stains! Before you call a carpet cleaning service, try this first: spray a little bit of dishwashing detergent and water on the area and dab at it. Do this several times. Many carpet cleaning services Kansas City share that this carpet cleaning method is effective because dishwashing liquid is formulated to get grease out. If not from plates, then from your carpet, right?

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5. A carpet with a bad smell. And finally, carpets that don’t get to be treated by a carpet cleaning service regularly will start to smell. But if you cannot get hold of carpet cleaning services Kansas City, you can try this handy carpet cleaning tip: sprinkle the carpet with baking soda and let it sit for some time. After about ten minutes, vacuum all over the area to remove the powder. Baking soda can act as a deodorizing agent. Sprinkling it on your carpet will draw out the odor-causing bacteria, leaving you with a carpet that is, at the very least, free from bad odors!