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Super Easy Cleaning Tips That Won’t Take A Long While

Managing a home is already a big challenge in itself. This is especially true if you do not always get to hire Window Cleaning Services in Overland Park. You might find that without Window Cleaning Services Leawood and other home cleaning services, your home could start looking pretty shoddy! In between having your home and windows serviced by residential window cleaning Overland Park, KS, you will do well to know some easy home cleaning tips that will not take a whole lot of your time.

Consistency is Key!

A word, though: These tips will help you succeed during your in-between time with Window Cleaning, but this will only work if you maintain consistency. If you are able to do these tips regularly, having a neat and tidy home will be a reality instead of just a dream.

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Tip 1: Create Cleaning Kits or Caddies

Place often-used cleaning materials in easy-to-reach areas in the different parts of your home (for example, a spray bottle, a rag, a broom and a dustpan at the foot of the stairs) that get dirty easily. As Window Cleaning Services in Overland Park carry cleaning kit while moving from room to room, so should you: except this time, keep them parked right where the mess usually happens so you can reach for them right away.

Tip 2: Brush Tiles in the Shower

If you do not have the time to call Window Cleaning Services Leawood, you can still manage a good-enough bathroom by learning to brush or scrub as you wait for your conditioner to work its magic into your hair. The two minutes that you wait can be enough time to casually scrub your shower’s tiled wall or window with a brush in between residential window cleaning Overland Park KS services. The same applies to scrubbing the bathroom sink while brushing your teeth!

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Tip 3: Focus on the Big Picture

While you can be sure that Window Cleaning Services in Overland Park will take their time in scrubbing every inch of your panes (as is standard with window cleaning, and with home cleaners in general), you might be okay with just focusing on cleaning a bigger area that has more impact instead of the little things. For example, if you have a table full of knickknacks, just take them off the table, sweep the surface and put them back. No need to wipe them one by one if you are in a hurry as making one sweep on the table will instantly make the area a lot cleaner in less time.

Tip 4: Have Catchall Boxes

If clutter is a problem, a quick tidying-up is easy with catchall boxes in between Window Cleaning Services Leawood. Decorative boxes (or even ottomans with a storage component) are great for a quickly gathering stuff littering the floor or other surfaces and clearing up a space quickly before you get to call residential window cleaning Overland Park, KS or house cleaning services.

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Tip 5: Have Sorting Boxes for Laundry

Instead of one hamper for all the clothes, why not have enough hampers for all types of laundry loads (ex. darks, lights, colored, whites, etc.). This way you do not need to sort them once they all go into the laundry room. Another way to utilize this is to simply do a load of laundry every time a particular hamper gets filled up instead of doing everything in one fell swoop!

Tip 6: Clean As You Go

Make cleaning up part of your regular routine by turning it into a simple habit. For example, sweep the living room floor during the commercials while watching TV. Rub used lemon halves around your sink before you throw them away (great for nixing bacteria and deodorizing!). There are many things you can do to integrate easy cleaning habits as you move around the house!

These simple and very doable cleaning tips should help you get through the days or weeks before Window Cleaning Services in Overland Park are scheduled to drop by!