Clean the Vacuum Cleaner for Best Cleaning from Overland Park Maid Services

Clean the Vacuum Cleaner for Best Cleaning from Overland Park Maid Services

You most probably use a vacuum in your routine household cleaning but when was the last time you cleaned your vacuum itself. People forget that the household cleaning tools need maintenance themselves. Keeping the cleaning appliances in pristine condition can increase their shelf-life and result in a more thorough clean.

Here’s a list from maid services in Overland Park on how you can clean your vacuum cleaner:

The vacuum needs ample airflow to work properly which you can achieve by keeping the canisters and filters clean. You need to make sure to empty your vacuum’s canister whenever it’s halfway full. Also, make sure to clean your vacuum on a regular basis following the below-mentioned instructions:

You will Need– Dishwashing liquid, microfiber cloths, scissors and grout brush.

Easy Steps to Follow:

  1. Remove the canister by unplugging the vacuum cleaner.
  2. With a dry microfiber cloth, wipe the inside of the canister and then wash it in the sink with warm soapy water.
  3. Rinse away all the soap suds.
  4. Let it dry completely prior to replacing it.
  5. Next, move on to the filter, it is important that you check your manufacturer’s instructions to determine whether the filter is washable or needs to be replaced.
  6. Wash your filter by removing it first and then tap it against a hard surface so that any dust is knocked out.
  7. Using warm water, rinse the filter under the sink tap. Do not use soap or cleaners provided your manufacturer’s instructions specifically ask you to do so.
  8. Keep the filter to dry overnight. It should be completely dry prior to replacement.
  9. Next, comes the base plate. Remove it so that you can clean the beater bar.
  10. Remove any debris from the beater bar using a grout brush.
  11. Cut any threads or hair away taking care not to damage the bristles on the bar.
  12. With a dry microfiber cloth, wipe down the base plate of the vacuum. Next, wipe down the outside of the vacuum with the same microfiber cloth.

Hope, these tips will help you in keeping up your routine home maintenance.

Some of the other home cleaning supplies include:

Bedroom Cleaning Supplies– A bucket, several microfiber cloths, dishwashing liquid, vacuum cleaner with attachments, an extendable microfiber duster or ceiling fan cleaner, distilled white vinegar and a spray bottle.

Bathroom Cleaning Supplies List– distilled white vinegar, spray bottle, microfiber cloths, a plastic sandwich bag and a rubber band, an old toothbrush, a grout cleaner, toilet cleaner and brush.

Common area Cleaning Supplies– An extendable microfiber duster or ceiling fan cleaner, microfiber cloths, distilled white vinegar, a spray bottle, a bucket, dishwashing liquid and vacuum cleaner with upholstery attachment.

Kitchen Cleaning Supplies– Kitchen countertop cleaner, a spray bottle, microfiber cloths, baking soda, microfiber mop, dishwashing liquid and a bucket.

For house cleaning or maid services in the Overland Park region, contact Tidy Up Angels LLC on 913-642-2006, we have been providing residential cleaning to the Overland Park area since 2008.

Steps to Deep Cleaning the House Room by Room in Overland Park

Steps to Deep Cleaning the House Room by Room in Overland Park

One should maintain a tidy home throughout the year. A routine maintenance or lighter cleaning can keep your house orderly week by week whereas a deeper, more detailed process will set you up for success the rest of the year.

Here’s a lowdown on tips from maid services in Overland Park that will ensure you are properly deep cleaning your home.

Setting a proper schedule is the key to deep cleaning the house as it isn’t a chore you can conquer one day after work, so plan accordingly. Create a list of each of the rooms you’ll need to deep clean and the tasks you’ll need to complete as you go. Give yourself several weekends to complete your deep cleaning which totally depends on the size of your home.

A proper schedule for deep cleaning the house room by room:

Weekend 1: Bedrooms

  1. Wipe off knickknacks, surfaces, ceiling fans and baseboards, remembering to clean behind your headboard
  2. Flip or rotate mattresses
  3. Wash bed linens, including duvets and mattress pads
  4. Clean under your bed
  5. Organize bedroom closets
  6. Clean window treatments

Weekend 2: Kitchen and Bathrooms


  1. Organize the pantry and clean the tops and insides of kitchen cabinets.
  2. Vacuum and wash the floor behind the fridge.
  3. Vacuum refrigerator coils and the vent at the bottom of the refrigerator.
  4. Clean and organize your refrigerator.
  5. Clean window treatments, sinks, the stovetop and the oven.
  6. Wipe down countertops, appliances and cabinet surfaces.


  1. Dust light fixtures and clear cobwebs out of the corners
  2. Clean tubs, showers, toilets and sinks
  3. Clean shower curtains (or replace them) and bathmats
  4. Wash surfaces and mirrors
  5. Clean window treatments

Weekend 3: Common and Outdoor Areas

Outdoor area jobs:

  1. Wash any outdoor furniture and decor.
  2. Sweep patios, porches or decks.
  3. Store any out-of-season decorations.

Common Area Tasks:

  1. Wipe down surfaces, standing lamps and cobwebbed corners
  2. Clean furniture and lampshades with your vacuum’s upholstery attachment
  3. Straighten up the room

Ways to deep cleaning the house:

Make certain that you are working from the top of the room to the bottom when you are deep cleaning your home because through that way any dust or dirt that you knock down as you clean can be vacuumed once you’ve finished in each room.

  1. Clean light fixtures and ceiling fans.
  2. Toss unused or expired household items.
  3. Wash baseboards by moving furniture.
  4. Clean window treatments.
  5. Vacuum, mop and wash your floors based on what your floors are made of.
  6. Wash windows, window sills and door frames.
  7. Wash out trash cans.
  8. Change smoke detector batteries.
  9. Do check the expiration dates on fire extinguishers.

Each time you tackle a room, make sure to complete these chores so that you get the most out of your deep cleaning efforts. If you are thinking about going for cleaning services in the Overland Park region, Tidy Up Angels LLC is the place for you. Some of our services include custom house cleaning, put on market cleaning, move in cleaning Overland Park and move out cleaning.

Tidy Up Angels LLC conducts detailed cleaning of your home that lasts several hours during your initial cleaning visit. When it comes to knowing how to deep clean your house room by room, Tidy Up Angels LLC has you covered. Contact us to schedule your home’s deep cleaning today. For more information, call on 913-642-2006, we have been providing residential cleaning to the Overland Park area since 2008.

Special Care in Cleaning a Marble Shower from Maid Services in Overland Park

Special Care in Cleaning a Marble Shower from Maid Services in Overland Park

You must be having marble tils in your bathroom. As you know, marble is a gorgeous material, however, it is also high-maintenance in terms of the way it should be cleaned or taken care of. The high levels of humidity and water usage in the bathroom make it even more challenging to care for marble properly.

Here’s a list from maid services in Overland Park on how to clean a marble shower which will help you in keeping your bathroom free of grime and maintain the attractive looks of your stone.

Precautionary Measures:

Most people are of the notion of marble being resilient because of it being a stone. Well, it’s actually quite delicate which highlights the importance of the right cleaning products and tools to use and the ones to avoid when cleaning a marble shower on the part of individuals.

  1. Make sure to check your manufacturer’s care instructions to ensure you don’t void the warranty.
  2. Avoid using scrapers, the coarse sides of sponges or scrub brushes to clean your marble shower because the stone can be scratched very easily.
  • Do not use acidic cleaners like lemon, vinegar or citrus-based soaps as they can damage the stone’s surface. Go for pH-neutral cleaners.
  1. It is important that you follow your manufacturer’s care instructions in terms of sealing your marble shower tiles as sealant helps protect your stone.

Rigorous Cleaning of a Marble Shower

The frequency at which you clean the marble in your bathroom totally depends on how often the shower is being used. For example, you might need to wash the tiles a couple of times a week, if you have several people showering each day. On the contrary, if your shower is only used one or two times daily, you might be able to get away with cleaning once every week or two.

Here’s a simple DIY method that can prove to be beneficial for you in cleaning a marble shower:

You will Need– a spray bottle; 1 tablespoon of mild dishwashing liquid; warm water and microfiber cloths.


  1. Pour the dishwashing liquid into the bottle and fill the rest with warm water.
  2. Mix the solution by shaking it properly.
  • Spray the mixture on your shower’s marble surfaces.
  1. Gently rub the solution onto the shower wall especially to areas with mildew or soap scum using vertical or horizontal strokes.
  2. Use clean water in rinsing the soapy solution off the marble shower surfaces.
  3. With a fresh microfiber cloth, wipe down the shower surfaces until they are totally dry.

Cleaning a Marble Shower on a Regular Basis

Marble, anyday, makes a bathroom look and feel downright luxe. Unfortunately, it’s a stone that can be etched by hard water deposits. That means it’s important to maintain your shower surfaces on a daily basis. You should wipe down all shower tiles after each use regardless of the material which becomes all the more important for marble, since residues from soaps and body washes, as well as minerals from hard water, can damage the surface of your stone.

Keep a stack of clean microfiber towels in the bathroom in order to wipe down the shower walls on a regular basis.

Taking care of the marble shower on a regular basis will make it look beautiful thus adding an attractive look to your bathroom. But if you are time-pressed, hire professional house cleaning services.

Contact the acclaimed Tidy Up Angels LLC in Overland Park for house cleaning services and get the best results. Our goal is to provide our customers with a unique and superior cleaning experience. Contact us in Overland Park on 913-642-2006, we have been providing residential cleaning to the Overland Park area since 2008.

Ideas for Summer Activities for Children in Overland Park

Ideas for Summer Activities for Children in Overland Park

This is the summer vacation time for all the children. It is that time of the year that most children look forward to. This is the apt time to participate in various summer activities on the part of both children and parents which can play a huge role in shaping their personality. As parents, it is your responsibility to organize interesting activities for your children or they may end up getting too much screen time.

Here’s a lowdown on a series of things for kids to do everyday- one activity for the weekdays of summer. These tips have been provided by professional maid services in Overland Park.

Make Good use of Nearby Parks– Go to your local park’s website, print the schedule of activities and tape it to the refrigerator.

Dig in the Sand at the Beach- It does not matter if it is in the ocean, lake or bay.

Complete a Home Project– Home project may include house cleaning where you can find ways to let the kids help.

Grow Vegetables and Flowers.

Decorate your Walkways with Chalk.

Plant a Butterfly Garden- There can be nothing better than watching the butterflies flutter by.

Take a Road Trip to a Nearby City– You can just spend the night if you can or can also make it a day trip.

Meet Friends at the Playground– This is popular, not groundbreaking, nonetheless.

Go to a Nearby Museum that you have never been to before.

Try a few science experiments with your kids which will not only be fun but also will be educational.

Visit a Historic House- Kids will be amazed at what the old-timers lived without.

Go Fishing– There cannot be a more fun activity than this.

White Water Rafting- If you are really adventurous, try white water rafting with your kids or any other adventure sport.

Mastering a New Skill– There are so many things that one can master like learning to juggle, playing a musical instrument, doing the hula hoop, etc.

Play Brainteaser Games like “The Gordians Knot” or “Rubik’s Cube” with your kids which can play a key role in building their brains.

Search for a Free Concert Near you.

Run in the Yard- Kickball, wiffleball, Frisbee, and the tag will keep you moving.

Creating Art with Beach Items like Seashells.

Flying a Kite.

Make Play Dough Creations– Then rip them up and do it again.

Join a Summer Reading Club– You can sign up your child for a summer reading club which can prove to be highly beneficial for them.

Set Up a Badminton Net– You could use it for volleyball too.

A good thing that you can do on your own property is creating a treasure hunt for kids.

Joining a Junior Ranger Program– Both national parks and many state parks have them.

Play croquet on the lawn.

Being parents, you can also teach your kids to skip stones.

Visit a Local Farmers Market– Feast on the fruits and veggies of the season.

Summer vacation is also the best time for going ahead with professional maid or house cleaning services in Overland Park. While you would be out with your children or performing a activity together, the professionals will take care of your house.

For professional house cleaning services in the Overland Park area, contact Tidy Up Angels LLC on 913-642-2006, we have been providing residential cleaning to the Overland Park area since 2008. We are a company in Overland Park that you can trust. Our goal is to provide our customers with a unique and superior cleaning experience.

Ways to Store Seasonal Clothes during Spring Clean In Overland Park

Ways to Store Seasonal Clothes during Spring Clean In Overland Park

Apart from birdsong and blooming flowers, spring brings an annual clean for many people. A very important thing that you might be taking care of during your spring cleaning is trading out heavy winter clothes for your spring and summer attire. But there is a way to store winter clothes that you might not be aware of, today we are going to throw light just on that.

Here’s a lowdown of a few tips from maid services in Overland Park on ways to storing seasonal clothes:

Prior to Storing Winter Clothes, Clean them– It is important for you to launder your winter clothes before packing them away regardless of the seasonal clothing storage methods you decide upon. You need to make sure that your clothes are clean which will prevent any discoloration that can occur from traces of lotion, perfumes or even your body’s oils.

Do wash your clothes according to the care instructions on their tags. In some cases, you may need to take items to the dry cleaner. Be sure that your clothes are completely dry before packing them up which will significantly reduce the odds of mold or mildew taking over your wardrobe while it’s in storage.

Learn about the Best Way to Store Winter Clothes– The way to store the winter clothes depend hugely upon the materials they are made from. For example, Coats made of natural materials — like wool, cashmere and leather — should be cleaned and then stored in breathable garment bags on hangers that allow them to keep their shape. On the other hand, the best way to store winter coats made of synthetic materials is to vacuum seal them after they’ve been washed and dried.

Utilize Other Ideas for Winter Clothes Storage– Space-saving solutions are important when storing off-season clothes which will keep your garments protected from potential pest infestations. Two of the most popular methods of storage are containers and vacuum-sealed bags. If you use storage bins, make sure they’re air tight so that condensation can’t creep in and cause mold and mildew. Be sure to label your storage irrespective of whether you opt for bins or bags which will make it easy for you to know where exactly your favorite cardigans or scarves are when winter rolls around.

Store Off-season Clothes with Cedar– A very good and beneficial winter storage idea is to pack away seasonal clothes with blocks of cedar which can keep moths from chewing holes into your clothing. Cedar works well in repealing moths but it doesn’t kill any larvae that might be in your clothes, which highlights the importance of washing.

Following the above-mentioned tips can prove to be beneficial for you during spring clean. If you need some help with spring cleaning, contact Tidy Up Angels LLC on 913-642-2006, we have been providing residential cleaning to the Overland Park area since 2008.

Some of our services include:

Custom House Cleaning- Designed to provide you with a more detail level of cleaning. We service your home top to bottom. Everything from blinds, baseboards, ceiling fans, floors, the works!

Move in/Move out Cleaning– This service is available to you in a very customizable way. Level of detail and areas to be serviced will vary.

Put On Market Cleaning– We specialize in put on market cleaning: we understand the impact a clean home will make as you try to sell your home.