Summer Outdoor Games and Activities for Kids in Overland Park

Summer Outdoor Games and Activities for Kids in Overland Park

During the summer, you would of course not like to spend it in a boring way. So, we are listing a few outdoor games and activities that can be of a lot of fun for both you and your children. You would definitely want your kids to step outside and enjoy some real action rather than play some virtual games at home. The list has been designed by house cleaning or move in cleaning Overland Park professionals.

Hanky Game– This is a very fun and interesting game and this is a game for kids of all ages. Make a circle with group of children; every individual needs to sit, except the one with the hanky.

  1. The kid with the hanky needs to stay outside the circle and try to run round the players and drop the hanky behind someone without letting them know.
  2. Then the player needs to race around the circle and get to that person’s position. If he gets caught, he needs to try again, or else the new person gets his turn.

Tug of War- A few steps to follow include:

  1. Divide the kids into two teams.
  2. Get a long piece of cloth or rope.
  • Draw a vertical line in the middle of a ground.
  1. Ask each team to stand on either side of the line.
  2. Once you blow the whistle, the teams have to hold the opposite ends of the rope and try to pull the other side to cross the line.
  3. The team that manages to tug the other team to their side first is the winner.

Tail Tag– The main objective of this game is to collect as many tails as possible while protecting your own. The game involves children looping a handkerchief lightly through their pocket or belt to act as a tail.

Blindfold Game– This game is very interesting but someone older should be present while kids play it. Blindfold all kids and ask them to find each other. The kids have to link their arms and find the rest, once they tag someone.

Bat the Balloon– This game can be considered to be on similar lines with cricket.

  1. Ask the kids to form two groups and make them sit down facing each other.
  2. Hand one balloon per kid to one team. Make sure the members of the other team are holding a bat each.
  3. The kids from the balloon team have to toss up the balloon with their hand and try to send it to the other side over the opponent’s heads. The kids with the bats have to try and hit the balloon before it passes over their head. The team with the maximum balloon score wins.

Paper Plate Balloons– Hand over a paper plate and an inflated balloon to each and every kid. The winner is decided on the basis of who is able to keep the balloon afloat for the longest time by pushing it up with the help of a paper plate.

These are some of the best outdoor games that can be played along with friends which can make the summer holidays more enjoyable and memorable. Regardless of what activity you choose for your kid, remember that it can prove to boost their mental health and physical fitness.

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The Dirtiest Places In the House Which Can Be A Turn Off For Guests In Overland Park

The Dirtiest Places In the House Which Can Be A Turn Off For Guests In Overland Park

There are no two ways about the fact that an individual does a more thorough cleaning whenever they have house guests on their way irrespective of whether or not they stick to a routine housekeeping schedule. In the excitement of preparing for visitors, there are many areas that we tend to overlook. The sad part is your guests are most likely to notice these dirty parts of your house, which can be a big turn off for them. We are listing some of the dirtiest places in the house so that you can clean them before the arrival of the guests. This list has been prepared by move in cleaning Overland Park service providers.

Smudges On Surfaces– It is quite unlikely for you to notice the smudges your palms leave about the house, your guests will be more prone to noticing the dingy smears on household surfaces. A few of the dirtiest places in the house include doorknobs, doorframes, refrigerator handles and light switch plates. You can easily get rid of the smudges just with a microfiber cloth and a simple cleaner.

Shower Curtain Liner– It is a tendency on the part of most homeowners to forget about the shower curtain liner while scrubbing the shower floor and walls. A plastic shower curtain liner streaked with hard water stains or lined with swaths of mildew or bacteria is one of the last things that you would want your guests to see. Learn about the ways to properly clean a shower curtain liner in order to make sure that your guests won’t be cringing every time they accidentally brush up on that sheet of plastic.

Baseboards– One can easily forget about this low-lying area but there’s a good chance for your visitors to look down at some point and be disappointed at those grimy baseboards. It just takes a few minutes to clean the baseboards so clean them prior to their arrival which will lessen the odds of your guests discovering your secret.

Bad Odors– Your guests are most likely to notice any bad odor emanating from your house which can range from cooking smells to pungent smells, smell coming from a dirty trash can or an unsavory sink. Bad odor is a big turn off. Learn about how to deodorize your home, how to get rid of cooking smells, how to clean the kitchen trash can, how to make a house smell good, etc.

Ceiling Fans– If you think, no one is going to notice those dust bunnies clinging to your ceiling fan blades, you are absolutely wrong. It is better that you clean them. Learn about how to clean hard-to-reach places.

Bathroom Mirrors and Fixtures– Most of us are quite used to the occasional toothpaste splatter on the washroom mirror or on chrome sink fixtures. The toothpaste residue might not be bothersome for you but it can be a turn off for your guests. So take some time out and make your dirty bathroom mirrors shine in order for you to not be labeled a slob. Use a streak-free glass cleaner to do that.

If you hardly have any time on hands or are freaking out because you have no idea about what to do prior to the arrival of guests, then approach Tidy Up Angels LLC. Contact Tidy Up Angels LLC in Overland Park on 913-642-2006 which has been providing residential cleaning to the Overland Park area since 2008. The rates are reasonable at Tidy Up Angels LLC with more areas cleaned and a consistency maintained in cleaning.

Neat-freak Cleaning Tips For Houseowners In Overland Park

Neat-freak Cleaning Tips For Houseowners In Overland Park

Not everyone is a neat-freak, neither many people would want to get that title. But a wish which every houseowner has is coming back to a clean home. If your home leans toward the messy or cluttered end of the cleaning spectrum, then it is advisable to go for professional cleaning services especially if you have put up your house on sale where movers are going to be moving in. In such a scenario, it is best to opt for professional cleaning services. You can get in touch with Tidy Up Angels LLC to hire move out/move in cleaning Overland Park services.

Some neat freak cleaning tips (which are easy and can help you maintain your house on a regular basis) from experts include:

Stick To A Cleaning Routine– Once you get into the habit of doing something, it will seem like a part of your day that you can’t live without. You can start your morning with wiping down the counters, doing a load of laundry and other tasks that you would find on your housekeeping schedule. Sticking to a cleaning routine will make the cleaning job a lot easier for you and regular cleaning will seem like nothing before you know it.

Regular Pick Ups– Clutter can get out of control really quickly so make it a point to tidy up as when the need arises. Put things away as soon as you have finished using them, wash dishes immediately after a meal, clean the floors immediately the moment you notice dirt, so on and so forth.

Have A Place For Everything– When thinking about how to keep the house clean, you should swear by the saying “A place for everything and everything in its place.” You should have a set area for everything from shoes to hoodies to books. This can help you in eliminating the clutter and tidy up quickly.

Throw Things That You Do Not Require– The more stuff you have in your house, the harder the cleaning job will get and this applies to household items as well ranging from books to clothes and especially furniture. If you have put your house on sale, it is better that you throw away unwanted furniture or keep them away in another room in order for the clients to take a good look at your house.

Learn To Love Storage- Boxes and bins can be used to store a variety of items, such as seasonal clothes, extra blankets, crafting supplies, certain cleaners or important paperwork. This can make a world of a difference in keeping your house clean.

If you think learning how to clean like a neat freak will never be for you, that’s okay. Let the professional cleaners at Tidy Up Angels LLC clean your home for you so that you can spend time doing things that make you happy. Contact Tidy Up Angels LLC in Overland Park on 913-642-2006 which has been providing residential cleaning to the Overland Park area since 2008.

Common Benefits Of Hiring Professional House Cleaning Services In Overland Park

Common Benefits Of Hiring Professional House Cleaning Services In Overland Park

You along with your spouse being working professionals, might not allow you to pay attention to the housework due to lack of time and several other commitments. Most working professionals would be able to relate to this thing as the busy lives make people keep the household chores aloof. The important thing to realize in this aspect is that the basic cleanliness of the house is what helps live in a healthy way. It is best to go for professional house cleaning services. If you are a resident of Overland Park, hire the move in cleaning Overland Park services at Tidy Up Angels LLC which has been providing residential cleaning to the Overland Park area since 2008.

A dirty floor with dust, food particles, etc can attract harmful pests, fungi, germs, bacteria, etc that can prove to be highly detrimental for your health. Having children around makes it more vulnerable as they are prone to attracting diseases and other health ailments faster in comparison to adults. You cannot afford to ignore this, a good solution is to have professionals come over and help you out with it. There are several ways that you can benefit from a professional team of cleaners which are:

Allows To Lead A Healthy Lifestyle– The professionals use the best cleaning accessories along with sanitizers which will ensure a germ-free house for you which will enable you in leading a healthy lifestyle where you and your children will breathe fresh air and not get contaminate with diseases. Certain areas in the house such as kitchen areas, washrooms, floors, etc attract bacteria which are very harmful. The professionals will make sure to sanitize these areas thus not letting the bacteria to spread.

Cleaning Procedures Can Be Customized– Going for professional cleaning services will allow you to set the rules in cleaning your house, you will get the chance to brief them on the way they should work. Professionals make sure that the cleaning needs are customized as per a client’s needs. All these will lead to a good experience on your part.

Allows Prioritizing The Commitments– Being a working professional, you must be tied to several responsibilities where a good amount of dedication and commitment must be required to both your professional as well as personal life. Cleaners coming to your house to take care of the cleanliness will allow you to give time to your children and spouse along with taking care of other chores in the house. Going for professional cleaning services will allow you to dedicate the time to some other priority.

The bottom line is that it is only benefits that house owners can expect to receive going for professional house cleaning services. Contact Tidy Up Angels LLC in Overland Park on 913-642-2006 for move in and move out cleaning services.

Moving In Cleaning Strategies to Spiffy Up Your New Home

Moving to a new home is always exciting, whether it’s your very first bachelor pad or a more spacious place for your growing family of five. Regardless, the task of cleaning before moving in is always first on the agenda. Busy folks might consider getting a Kansas City maid service and hire them for move in out & deep cleaning services. Others forgo local house cleaning KS (even with all the house cleaning deals Kansas City) and attempt to do much of the work alone. Here are some cleaning tips that you should think about when moving to a new house, whether you are hiring a Kansas City maid service or choosing to clean your new place yourself!

1. Start cleaning the week (or two weeks) before the movers bring everything in. You can already hire a Kansas City maid service to do a thorough scrub down when it is relatively easy, meaning there is little or no furniture to navigate around and get in the way of steady cleaning.

Kansas City Maid Service

2. Always start with the kitchen. Before you or your local house cleaning KS starts on move in out cleaning services anywhere else, the kitchen should be the first area to become spotless. This is to ensure that the place where you will cook your first meal will be clean and sanitary. It may take you several days or weeks to fully unpack everything, but you will be eating several times a day in the kitchen all throughout.

3. Proceed with the areas you are not likely to clean as much when everything’s settled. We’re talking areas like inside the cupboards, walls that need to be scrubbed, baseboards and moldings, basements and attics, radiators, and garbage disposal units. Your Kansas City maid service that you got from house cleaning deals Kansas City should prioritize this. You are not likely to touch these areas once you and your local house cleaning KS have already pushed in the furniture in and around these places.

4. Add an antibacterial touch to the areas that your family will be frequently touching or putting things on. While your move in out cleaning services are busy polishing up the windows, go around the house and start wiping places with an antibacterial solution such as doorknobs, drawer and cabinet handles, countertops and surfaces, and other areas where your hands are likely to always be in contact with.

5. Have cleaning kits at the ready in each area or room of the house. When your move in cleaning overland park help you put everything in place, things can go much faster if you don’t have to walk all the way to the other end of the house just to borrow that one broom you have, or wait for your son to finish using the bucket so you can use it yourself. Having cleaning materials and tools at the ready will mean everyone (including your local house cleaning KS) can easily reach for what they need – and finish in the least amount of time!