Finally taking the plunge and enlisting the help of house cleaning? The great thing about this decision is that you can finally have a very clean house without feeling like a truck ran over you the following day. More and more people are hiring house cleaning services because in the end, the deep cleaning that they do really is worth it – especially if you are the type of person who never gets around to really cleaning every nook and cranny of the home.

While it is easy to get excited about the arrival of house cleaning services and letting them take over the arduous task of making your home spic and span, there are a few things you need to do to prepare for the arrival of the cleaners. Doing these things will make for an easier time for the home cleaning companies and give you more peace of mind. So if you still have a few days before the guys swing by, try to ensure that the following things have been duly prepared!

Prep Tip 1: Clear the Important Stuff

Prior to the arrival of the professional home cleaners, you should take some time clearing your important stuff and safely storing them away. Any important document, piece of jewelry or fancy tech gadget ought to be safely tucked away to avoid anything happening to them. While professional home cleaners take utmost care in ensuring that your personal belongings are untouched or are free from accidents, it would still be better to keep your precious items in their safe drawers instead of opening them up to the possibility of being sucked by the vacuum or thrown in the rubbish.

Prep Tip 2: Make Notes

If you have fancy rugs that require special handling or specific products for polishing silver, you should write these down. Anything that will need extra care or attention should be made known to the cleaners so when they get to those things or room they will know what to do. When you write your list, do it on a per-room basis so all they need to do is to refer to each piece of paper per room to know the specifics of it.

Prep Tip 3: Schedule to Have The Wee Ones Out

If you have small children or other people at home, it might be best to schedule them to be somewhere else so they are not in the way of the house cleaners. Many families who employ the services of house cleaning in Kansas City and many other places usually have their kids dropped off at the grandparents’ for the day so they are not underfoot while all the cleaning is going on. A few days before the cleaners are supposed to arrive, make sure you know where you are going to leave your kids so the cleaners can do their job without having to navigate around children who hang out at home.

These three tips are short, sweet and simple – but they do count for a lot if you want to make the experience of having your house cleaned by the pros for the first time a smooth one.