When the cleaning gets rough and time is short, the best way to overcome this challenge is to hire house cleaning services. This is the perfect solution to ensuring that your house gets a good scrub down without exerting physical effort over it. People do this from time to time, especially when schedules get extra crazy and you cannot, for the life of you, find a day or two in your planner to fit in the gargantuan task of cleaning the house.

But of course, not all professional house cleaners are made equal. Some will be better than others, based on both general and subjective terms and preferences. The key is to find the one that you can work with and satisfies even the most basic of your concerns. And in order to do that, you first need to know what are the right questions you should be asking. From there, you can move along to the particulars based on your other preferences.

Question 1: How much do you charge for specific cleaning services?

charge for specific cleaning services

The question of the rate for house cleaning services may sound very obvious, but let’s get into the meat of the matter: the specific cleaning that you want done. Assuming you are not looking to have every single nook and cranny of your home cleaned (and that budget is a very large consideration), you will want to know the breakdown of service. This will help you “mix and match” certain services that you need and fit your budget. For example, you may get detailed cleaning of the interior of your home and skip the exterior (garage, backyard, porch, etc.) and also throw in some window cleaning as well.

Question 2: What’s Your Time Frame?

Time Frame
House cleaning services can be done over an entire day or over a course of several days, depending on the stipulations of clients and rules of the professional house cleaners. Knowing exactly how long it will take to get the job done is necessary for you to adjust your own personal schedule, ie. bring the kids to your aunt’s house, postpone a lunch meeting, see if the husband can stay home on the first hour to let the cleaners in.

Question 3: What Promotions Do You Offer?

Never be afraid to ask if they have regular or seasonal promotions as every penny counts in house cleaning services. This will come into play when you do the math and find out that it’s cheaper and more efficient to throw in basement cleaning for an additional $30 instead of doing it all on your own three months from now. When you ask about promotions by professional house cleaners, you should also inquire if they have special rates for recurring cleaning. If you are already liking the idea of getting house cleaning services from time to time (maybe every quarter or so), then it’s good to let them know in case they can give you a discounted rate for continued business.

From these questions, you can delve into more particular concerns (ie. brands of cleaning solutions and solvents used, in case you are allergic to some). The important thing to remember is to not be afraid to ask! Professional house cleaners actually appreciate it if you do so they will be better equipped to get the job done.