Budget-Friendly Cleaning Solutions For Your Home

In a perfect world, we would be expecting the amazing folks at Steady Pro Cleaning professional cleaning services at our homes everyday to keep things tidy. However, not everyone has the budget to hire home cleaning services every day. What’s a homeowner to do when the need for house cleaning Kansas City arises and she’s a little bit short on the budget? The answer is in budget-friendly cleaning solutions that will keep the place presentable and clean – naturally – until you can call Steady Pro Cleaning professional cleaning services.

Natural Cleaning Solutions

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When you are still not yet going to call the home cleaning services for their usual upkeep, you can maintain some semblance of cleanliness in your home with some natural cleaning solutions. One great example is using baking soda as a cleaning agent. Many services that provide house cleaning Kansas City will give baking soda the thumbs up, because it is safe, effective and economical. You can use it to clean tiles, counters, toilet bowls and much more. Simply shake out a good amount of baking soda, add a little water to make a paste and use that along with a cleaning rag to rid areas of dirt.

Some people rely on professional cleaning services like Steady Pro Cleaning to keep their home spic and span for health reasons – as a clean home will always be a healthy home. But when you are in between appointments with home cleaning services, the best you can do is to do some disinfecting yourself. Add a couple drops of tea tree oil to a bucket of water and use that solution for when you wipe down counters and other high traffic areas. An approved method by any house cleaning Kansas City service, the tea tree oil is a natural disinfectant that will keep the germs away, sans the chemicals. Make sure to pay attention to things your family usually touches, like doorknobs and telephone receivers!

Window Wash Downs

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If your windows are quite grimy that they already warrant a call to Steady Pro Cleaning professional cleaning services (but you cannot at the moment), don’t fret. All you need for the meantime while waiting for your schedule at house cleaning Kansas City is some vinegar and old newspapers. It might seem like a sour deal at first, but vinegar does an amazing job of clearing windows better than old soap and dish detergent. And it’s definitely chemical free, so there’s no harm on your skin if you get in contact with it! A simple soak of some balled-up newspaper into a dish of vinegar should be enough to wipe a few panes down.

Upcycled Cleaning Rags

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And finally, there’s no reason to buy fancy cleaning rags for cleaning the different parts of your home. If you have raggedy old cotton or terry cloth shirts that have clearly seen better days, you can still cut them up to the desired cleaning size and use them for all your cleaning and wiping needs. Sure, it does not look as professional as what Steady Pro Cleaning professional cleaning services use. But this is a good way to save on your budget as you only need to buy the other cleaning materials commonly used by home cleaning services such as sponges, brushes, mops and the like! Remember: While house cleaning Kansas City is usually a lot better when you employ the services of home cleaning services, it does not mean you cannot do anything to keep your home clean and sanitized anymore!

A Basic Guide to Keeping Your Carpets Clean

A carpet is a great way to upgrade the look of any home. But sometimes, cleaning or maintaining it can be a bit time-consuming – especially when you do not have time to employ Kansas City carpet cleaning services. During weeks when you are not scheduled to have a carpet cleaning service come over, you can still perform some basic carpet cleaning yourself. Here, we share with you some tips that are worthy of carpet cleaning services in Kansas City themselves. These should tide you over until you can afford to have your carpets professionally cleaned.

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Carpet Cleaning for Spots and Stains

Many Kansas City carpet cleaning services will tell you that when it comes to spots and stains, it is always best to clean it up immediately. Do not wait for the carpet cleaning service to come over and deal with it, because by then the stain might be too embedded into the fibers that even carpet cleaning services in Kansas City might not get it all out.

If you are treating a food spill, most carpet cleaning services in Kansas City usually recommend using a spoon or knife to get the solid parts out first before they get embedded onto the fibers. As per Kansas City carpet cleaning services, dab the soiled part with water and use only a little bit of laundry detergent. Vacuum the area a bit, then continue the process until you get most of it out. Whatever is left after your carpet cleaning efforts can most likely be dealt with your reliable carpet cleaning service.

Maintaining the Look of Your Carpet

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As a carpet owner, the most you want to happen is to prolong the “newness” of your carpet’s quality. Keeping it beautiful is easy, if you follow these Kansas City carpet cleaning services-approved tips:

Regularly vacuum your carpet. While you rely on carpet cleaning services in Kansas City to do the heavy-duty vacuuming, you can still quickly go over it every now and then.

Trim any snags or sprouts using a pair of scissors. In between carpet cleaning, go over the surface to snip off any loose threads. Do not pull them out because you might damage that particular area! Just snip off the tip that is protruding.

Level out any furniture dents. Every so often, move the furniture resting on the carpet area and go over the indentations with a coin. Doing this will ensure that the dents will not be permanent or, at the very least, not appear to be so deep.

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These simple tips aim to make you realize that carpet cleaning is neither difficult nor time-consuming. Even if you are not yet scheduled to call Kansas City carpet cleaning services, there is still something that you can do by yourself. Simple stains and normal wear and tear are manageable, thanks to these tips. But when it comes to heavy duty cleaning and maintenance, that is where the carpet cleaning services in Kansas City come in – to give you professional grade carpet cleaning service!

Super Easy Cleaning Tips That Won’t Take A Long While

Managing a home is already a big challenge in itself. This is especially true if you do not always get to hire Window Cleaning Services in Overland Park. You might find that without Window Cleaning Services Leawood and other home cleaning services, your home could start looking pretty shoddy! In between having your home and windows serviced by residential window cleaning Overland Park, KS, you will do well to know some easy home cleaning tips that will not take a whole lot of your time.

Consistency is Key!

A word, though: These tips will help you succeed during your in-between time with Window Cleaning, but this will only work if you maintain consistency. If you are able to do these tips regularly, having a neat and tidy home will be a reality instead of just a dream.

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Tip 1: Create Cleaning Kits or Caddies

Place often-used cleaning materials in easy-to-reach areas in the different parts of your home (for example, a spray bottle, a rag, a broom and a dustpan at the foot of the stairs) that get dirty easily. As Window Cleaning Services in Overland Park carry cleaning kit while moving from room to room, so should you: except this time, keep them parked right where the mess usually happens so you can reach for them right away.

Tip 2: Brush Tiles in the Shower

If you do not have the time to call Window Cleaning Services Leawood, you can still manage a good-enough bathroom by learning to brush or scrub as you wait for your conditioner to work its magic into your hair. The two minutes that you wait can be enough time to casually scrub your shower’s tiled wall or window with a brush in between residential window cleaning Overland Park KS services. The same applies to scrubbing the bathroom sink while brushing your teeth!

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Tip 3: Focus on the Big Picture

While you can be sure that Window Cleaning Services in Overland Park will take their time in scrubbing every inch of your panes (as is standard with window cleaning, and with home cleaners in general), you might be okay with just focusing on cleaning a bigger area that has more impact instead of the little things. For example, if you have a table full of knickknacks, just take them off the table, sweep the surface and put them back. No need to wipe them one by one if you are in a hurry as making one sweep on the table will instantly make the area a lot cleaner in less time.

Tip 4: Have Catchall Boxes

If clutter is a problem, a quick tidying-up is easy with catchall boxes in between Window Cleaning Services Leawood. Decorative boxes (or even ottomans with a storage component) are great for a quickly gathering stuff littering the floor or other surfaces and clearing up a space quickly before you get to call residential window cleaning Overland Park, KS or house cleaning services.

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Tip 5: Have Sorting Boxes for Laundry

Instead of one hamper for all the clothes, why not have enough hampers for all types of laundry loads (ex. darks, lights, colored, whites, etc.). This way you do not need to sort them once they all go into the laundry room. Another way to utilize this is to simply do a load of laundry every time a particular hamper gets filled up instead of doing everything in one fell swoop!

Tip 6: Clean As You Go

Make cleaning up part of your regular routine by turning it into a simple habit. For example, sweep the living room floor during the commercials while watching TV. Rub used lemon halves around your sink before you throw them away (great for nixing bacteria and deodorizing!). There are many things you can do to integrate easy cleaning habits as you move around the house!

These simple and very doable cleaning tips should help you get through the days or weeks before Window Cleaning Services in Overland Park are scheduled to drop by!

Defining the Elements of a Good House Cleaning Service

When it comes to hiring pro house cleaning Kansas City services, you might be surprised to find that there are a number of them out there. Admittedly, it can take some time to find out which house cleaning service Kansas City you ought to try. Fortunately, there are specific elements that you need to keep an eye out for when you are considering house cleaners Kansas City. Case in point: what you will find with Steady Pro Cleaning Services. Read ahead to know more about them and you will be well on your way to hiring the cleaners of your dreams.

Four Must-Have Elements

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Element 1: No Contracts

If a pro house cleaning Kansas City service does not submit their clients to a contract, then right off the bat you can increase your confidence level in the quality of their work. Why? This is because this particular house cleaning service Kansas City believes in their work enough to not bind you to a contract – which will legally require you to pay for their service even if you find the result unsatisfactory. House cleaners Kansas City like Steady Pro Cleaning Services have a contract-free commitment to impeccably clean end results that act as a contract and a seal of integrity in itself.

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Element 2: Cleaning Consistency

If you have been able to hire a pro house cleaning Kansas City service more than once, take note of that particular house cleaning service Kansas City if you see that they are able to maintain their quality of work. This is even if you get a different crew each time. This indicates that those house cleaners Kansas City service providers like Steady Pro Cleaning Services give effective training for their crew such that they adhere to a certain standard of cleanliness across all jobs – no matter how big or small. This also includes being on time and punctual, which is always a sign of having a great sense of responsibility!

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Element 3: Competitive Rates

When we say ‘competitive rates’, you should always take into consideration that the service provided by a pro house cleaning Kansas City sufficiently matches or surpasses what you paid for. Never the other way around. Sure, you want to get the best deal – but you also want them to do a good job, right? Plus points are given for a house cleaning service Kansas City that provides a referral program, like what Steady Pro Cleaners Kansas City does. This is simply getting more bang for your buck through rewards and incentives if you are able to convince others to get the same house cleaners Kansas City.

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Element 4: Ability to Customize A Service

Most house cleaners Kansas City already come with a standard package or rate for a set of services. This is simply to make the decision making process easier for some clients. But what about clients that want the pro house cleaning Kansas City to take additional areas, or only a few areas, or have special instructions? A house cleaning service Kansas City like Steady Pro Cleaning Services is better than most because it is willing to sit down with a client and come up with a customized service that will leave the client satisfied and the said area – no matter what state it is in – spic and span.

When you are looking for pro house cleaning Kansas City services, this guide will certainly come in handy!

A First Timer’s Rating Guide in Evaluating Cleaning Services

When it is your first time to hire professional cleaning services like Steady Pro Cleaning Services, the most anticipated moment is stepping back into your newly cleaned home and marveling at how spic and span it is. But once the figurative dust has settled (or rather, wiped away by the Kansas City cleaning services), you will want to really evaluate the job done to know if you indeed hired the best house cleansers Kansas City.

Here is a quick rundown of things you should give points for. Start with a rating guide of 1-5 stars, with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest in terms of satisfaction. Add everything up and multiply by 100 to get the percentage. Then, assess your most comfortable percentage level to determine if you indeed got what you paid for and would hire them again.

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1. Promptness. In hiring professional cleaning services, promptness is key because you are running on a schedule. At times, you would adjust yours to accommodate them, so give points if Steady Pro Cleaning Services arrives early or on the dot.

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2. Courteousness. Demeanor is a sign of professionalism, and as much as you would like them to get the job done it also pays to work with a team of Kansas City cleaning services that has manners without being overly friendly.

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3. Respect for property. While the best house cleaners Kansas City are given much leeway into navigating your home and things in order to get it clean, observe the manner in which they treat your belongings. If you note that they move things with care (as if your objects are the most precious artifacts on earth), you know they in turn have much respect for their clients as well.

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4. Task Time vis-à-vis Quality of Work. The most professional cleaning services like Steady Pro Cleaning Services consider the job finished when everything on their list has been cleaned to perfection. Be wary of some Kansas City cleaning services that “watch the clock” and call it a day after a couple of hours, despite questionable cleaning quality result.

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5. Client Feedback and Updates. Give plus points to the best house cleaners Kansas City if they make it a point to tell you about the job they did on your home (ex. Problems encountered with specific areas, things you may need to be concerned about or will most likely need fixing, etc.). This is a sign that these professional cleaning services like Steady Pro Cleaning Services are well meaning.

Steady Pro Cleaning Services

6. Promotions and Deals. Since Kansas City cleaning services would like to make and keep clients, take note if they offer any promotions for further cleaning or great deals offered if you need them to do a pretty heavy job. This signifies that the best house cleaners Kansas City want you get more value for your money and are confident in their abilities to still do a great job even at a slightly reduced price.

Remember: There are many professional cleaning services out there, like Steady Pro Cleaning Services. But unless you do method of rating Kansas City cleaning services, you will never know if you should settle for the kind of work your current cleaners do. If you happen to try out a variety of the best house cleaners Kansas City, this simple rating method will reveal which among them is indeed the best – and the one you should stick to in the future!

Smart Scheduling for Hiring Home Cleaning Service

If you have already had the privilege of home cleaning by your local cleaning services, chances are you cannot wait to have them back and do yet another spectacular job. If you are thinking about getting services for house cleaning Kansas City on a regular basis, the best thing to do is to draft a schedule for them to swing by. When you figure out the most balanced way of availing Steady Pro Cleaning services, you will always have a clean house without having to drain all your finances for it! Here are all the steps you need to follow:

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Step 1: Assess the Degree of Dirt

First things first – how dirty does your home get? This will determine the frequency of home cleaning and the type of local cleaning services you will need. Does it look like a tornado hit your place by the end of the week, or can you manage on your own for to weeks until you need to finally call Steady Pro Cleaning? You need to be aware of how high the “dirt level” is in your home that you can accept until it is time to avail house cleaning Kansas City.

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Step 2: Weigh in on the Chores

Before hiring home cleaning or local cleaning services, it is best to make a list of chores that you are willing to do on your own regularly and the chores that you prefer other people to do. This will clue you in on the kind of services for house cleaning Kansas City to avail. For example, if you are fine with cleaning your bathroom regularly but balk at the idea of scrubbing down the windows, then you need to note the latter chore as a must-do for the folks at Steady Pro Cleaning services. When you eliminate all the chores that you yourself agree to do regularly, you have a clearer picture of what it is that you just need the pros to tackle.

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Step 3: Consider the Seasonal Stuff

A word of advice when it comes to hiring local cleaning services: While you may have a budget for basic home cleaning done maybe once or twice a month, you also need to set aside a budget for the seasonal stuff. This includes Steady Pro Cleaning services for prepping your home after winter (when cleaning is usually more urgent due to the change in weather and the residue left behind by the cold month), transitioning to autumn, or even a big overhaul before your relatives arrive come Christmas time. House cleaning Kansas City is not always for making sure your home is spic and span; it is also for when you know it is time to clean out the gutters and you know it’s going to be a pain in the neck to do yourself.

Fact is, home cleaning by local cleaning services will be great all year round. It is all just a matter of figuring out when to call house cleaning Kansas City for when your home needs it the most. Hopefully, as a responsible home owner you will have already given Steady Pro Cleaning a call even before you find yourself wading through an utterly grimy home that is just screaming for a good scrub down!

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