Essential Dorm Cleaning Supplies for Every Student

Essential Dorm Cleaning Supplies for Every Student

College can be a great and fun time, but yet – we want to help maintain a sense of cleanliness and quick and easy ways to make cleaning up easy and fast.  Here is a handful of items that every college student should have when going off to college.

1. All Purpose Cleaner
All purpose cleaner is an essential dorm cleaning product you can use to clean every surface in your dorm room super easily. Dressers, desks, mirrors, sinks, doorknobs, etc. all get really gross. But just spray some all purpose cleaner on the surface, wipe it down, and you’re done! So simple.

Cleaning your dorm room with all purpose cleaner is something you can do in just a few minutes once a week and it really makes a difference in keeping all the surfaces in your room clean and dust-free.

2. Paper Towels
Having a few rolls of paper towels on hand is always a smart idea. The main way I used paper towels was for wiping down surfaces after I cleaned them with the all purpose cleaner. It’s easier to clean with paper towels rather than using actual towels that you’ll have to wash later.

You can also use paper towels for cleaning up spills (the amount of times my laptop survived having water spilled on it is crazy) and they also double as napkins when you’re eating in your dorm room!

3. Disinfecting Wipes
Disinfecting wipes can almost be used in place of all purpose cleaning spray for cleaning your dorm room. I personally kept both on hand just in case, but it’s really just a matter of preference.

You can use disinfecting wipes for cleaning surfaces like dressers, desks, mirrors, sinks, and doorknobs. They’re super helpful for picking up crumbs or cleaning sticky surfaces in your dorm room.

4. Carpet Spot Remover
I liked having a carpeted dorm room, but it is definitely harder to keep clean than hardwood or tile. If you have a carpeted dorm room, or plan on having rugs in your room, then getting a small bottle of carpet spot remover is a good idea.

I can’t tell you how many times we ended up with unexplainable spots and stains on our carpet. No idea how they got there, but spot remover does the trick!

5. Room Spray
I don’t know what it is about dorm rooms, but they can start smelling really stale and musty no matter how much you clean. This is where room spray air freshener is really helpful to have on hand.

This will keep your dorm room smelling clean and fresh all the time. I personally love this pear blossom agave scent that is really light and subtle. (You can also use this on your linens, clothing, towels, etc. to make them smell nice!)

So these are the essential dorm cleaning supplies that every college student needs!
I guarantee that using these products will make your dorm room the cleanest on your hall and keep everything sparkling clean in just a few minutes every week.

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