The Dirtiest Places In the House Which Can Be A Turn Off For Guests In Overland Park

The Dirtiest Places In the House Which Can Be A Turn Off For Guests In Overland Park

There are no two ways about the fact that an individual does a more thorough cleaning whenever they have house guests on their way irrespective of whether or not they stick to a routine housekeeping schedule. In the excitement of preparing for visitors, there are many areas that we tend to overlook. The sad part is your guests are most likely to notice these dirty parts of your house, which can be a big turn off for them. We are listing some of the dirtiest places in the house so that you can clean them before the arrival of the guests. This list has been prepared by move in cleaning Overland Park service providers.

Smudges On Surfaces– It is quite unlikely for you to notice the smudges your palms leave about the house, your guests will be more prone to noticing the dingy smears on household surfaces. A few of the dirtiest places in the house include doorknobs, doorframes, refrigerator handles and light switch plates. You can easily get rid of the smudges just with a microfiber cloth and a simple cleaner.

Shower Curtain Liner– It is a tendency on the part of most homeowners to forget about the shower curtain liner while scrubbing the shower floor and walls. A plastic shower curtain liner streaked with hard water stains or lined with swaths of mildew or bacteria is one of the last things that you would want your guests to see. Learn about the ways to properly clean a shower curtain liner in order to make sure that your guests won’t be cringing every time they accidentally brush up on that sheet of plastic.

Baseboards– One can easily forget about this low-lying area but there’s a good chance for your visitors to look down at some point and be disappointed at those grimy baseboards. It just takes a few minutes to clean the baseboards so clean them prior to their arrival which will lessen the odds of your guests discovering your secret.

Bad Odors– Your guests are most likely to notice any bad odor emanating from your house which can range from cooking smells to pungent smells, smell coming from a dirty trash can or an unsavory sink. Bad odor is a big turn off. Learn about how to deodorize your home, how to get rid of cooking smells, how to clean the kitchen trash can, how to make a house smell good, etc.

Ceiling Fans– If you think, no one is going to notice those dust bunnies clinging to your ceiling fan blades, you are absolutely wrong. It is better that you clean them. Learn about how to clean hard-to-reach places.

Bathroom Mirrors and Fixtures– Most of us are quite used to the occasional toothpaste splatter on the washroom mirror or on chrome sink fixtures. The toothpaste residue might not be bothersome for you but it can be a turn off for your guests. So take some time out and make your dirty bathroom mirrors shine in order for you to not be labeled a slob. Use a streak-free glass cleaner to do that.

If you hardly have any time on hands or are freaking out because you have no idea about what to do prior to the arrival of guests, then approach Tidy Up Angels LLC. Contact Tidy Up Angels LLC in Overland Park on 913-642-2006 which has been providing residential cleaning to the Overland Park area since 2008. The rates are reasonable at Tidy Up Angels LLC with more areas cleaned and a consistency maintained in cleaning.

Tips To Vacuum The Right Way From Cleaning Services In Overland Park

Tips To Vacuum The Right Way From Cleaning Services In Overland Park

It is an absolute must for every homeowner to vacuum, especially when there is a carpet. Most people do not pay much heed to the process, they just plug the appliance in and go, but there is an art that one must learn in order to vacuum properly. Yes, you read that right, you must have been vacuuming the wrong way your entire life. Look at these vacuuming tips from professional cleaning service Overland Park providers:

Use the Correct Vacuum Cleaner– There are a variety of vacuum cleaners available in the market, some with beater bars and some without. You should be aware of which one works best for your flooring. For instance, carpets and area rugs should not be vacuumed with beater bars especially the ones that have looped fibers or are made from natural materials like wool or silk. You also need to use the proper accessories for the job like using a crevice tool to get corners and edges instead of ramming the vacuum into the baseboard. Also, break out the proper attachments when cleaning furniture or drapes.

Keep A Vacuuming Routine–  t is a tendency on the part of most homeowners not to vacuum until the carpet or rug starts to look dirty. By the time your floor coverings start to look soiled, they’re probably so caked with dust and dirt that they need a deep clean, rather than a simple vacuuming. The best way to avoid this hassle is by making this chore a part of your regular cleaning routine.

Vacuum The High-traffic Areas– You need to vacuum the high-traffic areas as often as every other day. High-traffic areas include floors in hallways, foyers, mudrooms, living rooms, etc which typically see more action than any other place in the house. All that means a larger amount of dirt will accumulate on carpets and hardwood in those so it is important that these spots are tended to frequently which again depends on how active your household is.

Keep Your Vacuum Clean– When thinking about how to vacuum, you need to consider the inner workings of your appliance because your vacuum cleaner needs to have adequate airflow in order to function properly. Your machine will be less effective if you have a tendency of letting the canister or vacuum bag fill up to the brim prior to emptying out. You need to empty your vacuum after each use. You should also be aware of how to clean the vacuum, from the canister to the base plate.

Take Time– You need to set the correct speed which is one of the proper vacuuming techniques that can help you in getting your floors as clean as possible. Work steadily as just running over the floor won’t be of much help. Additionally, move the vacuum cleaner both forward and backward across the floor as you work which will allow the appliance’s vibrations to loosen any debris in the carpet fibers which will enable you in picking up dirt whenever you make another pass.

Following the above-mentioned tips will enable you in vacuuming like a pro. But if you are time-pressed and do not feel like hovering around the house, you can leave it to professional cleaning services in Overland Park. Contact Tidy Up Angels LLC in Overland Park on 913-642-2006 which has been providing residential cleaning to the Overland Park area since 2008. Our cleaning professionals will be more than happy in lending you a hand so that you can spend more time living your best life and less on running the vacuum.

Removing Rust From Metal Kitchen Items From Move In Cleaning Overland Park Professionals

Removing Rust From Metal Kitchen Items From Move In Cleaning Overland Park Professionals

If you like cooking and love to spend time in the kitchen, you have most probably seen some of your favorite cooking gears get spotted with rust, right? The orange blemishes can be extremely frustrating. Moreover, it just feels nice to slice, dice, bake and broil with sleek looking utensils. There are numerous DIY fixes to rusted pots, pans, knives and more. We are listing a few tips from move in cleaning Overland Park professionals on how to remove rust from metal in order for homeowners to work their way through their favorite cookbook without having to worry about how soon they will need a new skillet.

Read on:

Remove Rust from Metal Baking Pans– You need to make sure that your baking pans are absolutely free from rust. For that you will need a raw potato, dishwashing liquid or baking soda and a dry microfiber cloth.

First and foremost, cut the potato into half and dip the cut end of the potato in dishwashing liquid or baking soda. Scrub the rusty part of your pan by using this end of the spud. Continue with it until there is no rust left on your pan. Rinse your baking pan and dry your pan with a microfiber cloth.

Cast Iron Rust Removal– Do not go into panic mode if you find rust on your cast-iron skillet because the nasty orange patches can be removed. You will need a potato, kosher salt, a kitchen towel and newspaper, baking parchment or something similar.

First and foremost, lay newspaper or parchment paper on the area where you will work which will help you with cleanup. Cut the potato crosswise in half. Coat the bottom of the pan with kosher salt. Scrub the rusted areas by holding the potato with the cut side facing the surface of the skillet, the salt basically acts as the cleaning product while the potato is the cleaning tool. If you notice that the end of the potato has started to slick, cut it off and keep scrubbing; in the same way, if your salt starts to get dirty, rinse the pan out and add fresh granules. After removing all the rust from your skillet, rinse it with water and dry it out with your kitchen towel.

Rust Removal from Knives– A cook’s best knife is irreplaceable so any visible spots have to be removed ASAP.  You will need distilled white vinegar, a glass or container large enough to hold the knife, a scrubbing sponge and a dry microfiber cloth.

Fill up your glass or container with vinegar. Place your knife in the glass with all the rust spots submerged. Let your knife soak for about 5 minutes. Then remove the knife and scrub the rusted areas gently with the scouring side of your sponge. Rinse the knife with cold water and dry with a microfiber cloth.

Now, that you know how to remove rust from pans and metal utensils, hopefully, the tips will prove to be highly beneficial for you.

If you are a working professional or time-pressed and looking for house cleaning services, approach Tidy Up Angels LLC. Contact Tidy Up Angels LLC in Overland Park on 913-642-2006 which has been providing residential cleaning to the Overland Park area since 2008.

The services provided by us include:

Move-In House Cleaning– When you are shifting houses, you do not want to live with all the dirt and smell left by the previous occupants of the house. Professionals will work in order for you to find yourself in almost a new house when you move in. The kitchens will be scrubbed, the rooms tidied and the floors polished before you enter your house.

Move-out House Cleaning– Suppose you want to rent your house and would want the new tenants to have a good impression about you, then it is best to approach these services. Specialized cleaning services staff will take care of removing the dust and dirt from your house by using modern equipment. You can expect to create a good impression on your prospective tenants or clients.

Kitchen Cleaning Hacks For Every Homeowner In Overland Park

Kitchen Cleaning Hacks For Every Homeowner In Overland Park

On busy weeknights, kitchen clean up is the last thing that one does after dinner. It is important for these chores to be taken care of otherwise the kitchen can become a nightmare in no time. You can pick up a few tricks which can make the process a little easier and less time-consuming. We have listed a few kitchen cleaning hacks which can help you better manage your time and these tips are by move out cleaning Overland Park service providers.

Wipe Items Down On a Regular Basis– Ketchup bottles, jelly jars and containers of vanilla or olive oil can all get pretty grimy over the course of a meal and if that grime is left to sit, it can pick up dust and other gunk that eventually makes its way to the countertops and shelves. It is important to give these items a once over with a damp microfiber cloth prior to returning them to their rightful place in the fridge or kitchen cabinet. You can take this cleaning tip a step ahead by wiping down the shelves and surfaces where you will place these jars and bottles.

Organize the Fridge and Cabinets– An organized kitchen any day is an efficient kitchen, it will take less time for you in hunting for ingredients. Thus you will get more time to clean as you go. You are less likely to knock things over rooting through cabinets or the fridge with an organized kitchen which means you may have fewer messes to clean.

Go To Bed after Cleaning Dishes and Countertops– If you clean as you go, it will not take longer than 10-15 minutes to wrap up with the dinner dishes, even if you wash by hand. In addition to that, countertops take just a few seconds to be wiped down with a microfiber cloth. You can easily get these over with before going to bed. Taking care of this task sooner than later will totally be worth it as you will most probably not have to start your day with a sink full of dirty dishes and grimy counters.

Accept Plastic Food Storage Containers– Few ingredients and foods can make a huge mess if left in their original packaging, for instance, flour and powdered sugar can coat cabinets with fine dusts, while fruits or berries can leave refrigerator shelves riddled with stems and husks. The best thing to do in such a scenario is to embrace plastic food storage containers. Put a label on each container prior to filling them with flours, sugars, pastas or grains.

Clean On The Go– It is a good way to expedite post-meal kitchen cleanup which is by tidying up your preparation areas as you work. You can wash your cutting boards and knives while your chicken and vegetable sheet pan dinner is roasting. Immediately tend to the splatters and spills with a microfiber cloth or it might get difficult for you to clean them later on.

Follow the above mentioned kitchen cleaning hacks which are sure to yield you great benefits. If you have a hectic life and you barely get the time to eat dinner leave alone cooking food and cleaning the kitchen, it is best to go for professional house cleaning services.

Approach Tidy Up Angels LLC for some cleaning backup and come home to a cozy house. Contact Tidy Up Angels LLC in Overland Park on 913-642-2006 which has been providing residential cleaning to the Overland Park area since 2008.

Move In/Move Out Cleaning Service– This service is available to you in a very customizable way. Level of detail and areas to be serviced will vary. The rates are reasonable at Tidy Up Angels LLC with more areas cleaned and a consistency maintained in cleaning.

Tips To Making Move Out Cleaning Overland Park Less Stressful

Tips To Making Move Out Cleaning Overland Park Less Stressful

Moving to a new house is very exciting but also comes with a lot of challenges in terms of all the work that has to be done in a short timeframe. There are a few ways in which you can make the process easier for yourself. If you are very much hard of time due to your professional or personal commitments then it is best to go for professional move out cleaning Overland Park services. Many people go for professional services these days due to lack of time on their hands and get the best results possible.

Read on to know more about the tips that can make move out cleaning less stressful for you:

Develop a Proper Schedule– It is important to plan properly because packing up and cleaning the house is a massive undertaking. You will have to map out your time well in advance. In the run up to the actual move-out date, set deadlines for specific tasks, for instance, packing up the spare bedroom or cleaning out the refrigerator. Your aim should be to get as much move-out cleaning done as possible ahead of time while still having access to all the comforts and the necessities that you need until you move out to your new house.

Clean In Zones– Concentrate on one space at a time. Make a list and number the rooms or particular areas in the order that you would like to address them. Start off with spare bathrooms or guest bathrooms as these spots can easily be packed without upending the daily routines. Take a good amount of time to wipe down books, lamps and knickknacks before putting them away. If you won’t be using a move-out cleaning service, start your work from the top which includes cleaning cobwebs, ceiling fans and light fixtures and then move gradually to the bottom which includes washing floors, vacuuming and wiping baseboards in each room.

Get Rid Of Unnecessary Things– A move-out cleaning is the perfect time to get rid of unnecessary things that you don’t need anymore. Place the unnecessary items that you haven’t used in months or the clothes that you forgot you owned until you started packing up your closet in empty boxes. After the boxes are filled up, donate them. Toss out any lists or scraps that may be hanging around by going through paperworks and clutter-catching drawers.

Get Some Help– Some extra hands in your cleaning work can prove to be highly beneficial for you. You can ask your friends or relatives to help you out and can offer them gifts or drinks in exchange for their time and efforts. A little assistance in boxing up books, baking utensils or seasonal items in the garage can make a huge difference in your move-out cleaning (you will be able to finish off with your work fast).

Professional Services- If you are a working professional or even a homemaker, your time is likely to be limited. It especially holds all the more true if you are a renter and you can’t unload your moving truck and clean the house at the same time. You can save yourself a stress fest by going for professional (move-in/move-out) cleaning services which will enable you in focusing on carrying those boxes while housekeeping professionals take care of cleaning your former house which is highly time-effective.

Need a hand unpacking and getting your new place spruced up, approach Tidy Up Angels LLC which has been providing residential cleaning to the Overland Park area since 2008. Contact us on 913-642-2006. The services provided by us include:

  • House Cleaning
  • Move In/Move Out Cleaning

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