Summer Outdoor Games and Activities for Kids in Overland Park

Summer Outdoor Games and Activities for Kids in Overland Park

During the summer, you would of course not like to spend it in a boring way. So, we are listing a few outdoor games and activities that can be of a lot of fun for both you and your children. You would definitely want your kids to step outside and enjoy some real action rather than play some virtual games at home. The list has been designed by house cleaning or move in cleaning Overland Park professionals.

Hanky Game– This is a very fun and interesting game and this is a game for kids of all ages. Make a circle with group of children; every individual needs to sit, except the one with the hanky.

  1. The kid with the hanky needs to stay outside the circle and try to run round the players and drop the hanky behind someone without letting them know.
  2. Then the player needs to race around the circle and get to that person’s position. If he gets caught, he needs to try again, or else the new person gets his turn.

Tug of War- A few steps to follow include:

  1. Divide the kids into two teams.
  2. Get a long piece of cloth or rope.
  • Draw a vertical line in the middle of a ground.
  1. Ask each team to stand on either side of the line.
  2. Once you blow the whistle, the teams have to hold the opposite ends of the rope and try to pull the other side to cross the line.
  3. The team that manages to tug the other team to their side first is the winner.

Tail Tag– The main objective of this game is to collect as many tails as possible while protecting your own. The game involves children looping a handkerchief lightly through their pocket or belt to act as a tail.

Blindfold Game– This game is very interesting but someone older should be present while kids play it. Blindfold all kids and ask them to find each other. The kids have to link their arms and find the rest, once they tag someone.

Bat the Balloon– This game can be considered to be on similar lines with cricket.

  1. Ask the kids to form two groups and make them sit down facing each other.
  2. Hand one balloon per kid to one team. Make sure the members of the other team are holding a bat each.
  3. The kids from the balloon team have to toss up the balloon with their hand and try to send it to the other side over the opponent’s heads. The kids with the bats have to try and hit the balloon before it passes over their head. The team with the maximum balloon score wins.

Paper Plate Balloons– Hand over a paper plate and an inflated balloon to each and every kid. The winner is decided on the basis of who is able to keep the balloon afloat for the longest time by pushing it up with the help of a paper plate.

These are some of the best outdoor games that can be played along with friends which can make the summer holidays more enjoyable and memorable. Regardless of what activity you choose for your kid, remember that it can prove to boost their mental health and physical fitness.

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Ways to Clean a Smelly Garbage Disposal from Home Cleaning Overland Park Professionals

Ways to Clean a Smelly Garbage Disposal from Home Cleaning Overland Park Professionals

There are no two ways about the fact that having a garbage disposal can make life easier but these devices don’t see as much cleaning as they should which can be attributed to: most people kind of forget to maintain them and most people have been conditioned to fear the disposal since childhood. The end result of leaving this tool unwashed can be an awful stench permeating throughout your kitchen. Lack of cleaning could also lead to your disposal not working properly.

The good thing is that it is possible to keep these handy devices washed but one needs to be extra cautious during work. Garbage disposals have sharp blades that can be very dangerous. It’s important to make sure your disposal is off and be especially mindful of what you are doing when cleaning any part of this tool in order to avoid any kind of injury. Also, make sure to unplug the appliance when cleaning around the drain or flange.

Here are a few ways to clean a garbage disposal from home cleaning Overland Park professionals:

Cleaning a Smelly Garbage Disposal– Make sure to clean your garbage disposal thoroughly about once a month in order for it from getting stinky. You won’t require anything else apart from lemons, rock salt and ice for cleaning it.

You will Need– 2 cups of ice; 1 cup of rock salt; a quartered lemon.

Process- First and foremost, fill the drain with ice and pour the rock salt down the drain and over the ice cubes. Turn on cold water and run the disposal until all the ice has been rinsed away. Leave the disposal with the cold water running and drop the lemon quarters in one at a time. Turn off the disposal once the fruit is gone. The cold water should run for about 30 seconds before shutting it off.

Cleaning Garbage Disposal Rubber Flange– The rubber flange, which is more commonly known as the splash guard, should also be cleaned monthly.

You will Need– Dishwashing gloves; an old toothbrush; dish soap and a bowl or small packet.

Process- Firstly, make a mixture of hot soapy water in your bowl or small bucket and then put your gloves on. Use the toothbrush and soapy water to scrub both the underside and top of the flaps by lifting up one section of the splash guard at a time. Rinse the brush thoroughly in order to not spread the slime around. Rinse both sides of the splash guard well with hot water after you’ve cleaned the gunk off each section.

Maintaining the Garbage Disposal– After you’ve cleaned your disposal, proper upkeep is important which will help you in reducing bad odors in the future that includes giving it a quick clean on a regular basis.

You will Need– Dishwashing liquid.

Process– Squirt a few drops of dish soap in your disposal and then turn on the appliance. Run cold water through the disposal for about a minute. Leave the cold water on for another 30 seconds or so but turn off your garbage disposal. Turn off the water. A few items should never be placed in the disposal because they can cause damage to the blades or get stuck in the pipes thus leading to expensive plumbing repairs.

Consult your model’s care instructions in order for the manufacturer’s recommendations. If you are looking for more advice that can keep bad odors at bay, it is advisable that you go for house cleaning services for getting a clean and sweet-smelling home.

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Ideas for Outdoor Fun during the Summer from Maid Services in Overland Park

Ideas for Outdoor Fun during the Summer from Maid Services in Overland Park

In order for your kids to not spend their summer vacation in boredom, we are listing a few ideas for outdoor fun which can prove to be immensely fun for kids of all ages. They’re also perfect for getting your children thinking about other activities they’d like to do this summer. Our cleaning professionals at Tidy Up Angels LLC in Overland Park has drawn up the list. We are an acclaimed maid services Overland Park provider.

Breakfast Picnic– Arrange for a breakfast picnic in your backyard or at the park.

Homemade Horseshoes– Place two sticks in the ground about 20 feet apart. Let your children use real shoes to try to hit the stick opposite where they’re standing.

Go for a “Night Walk”- You just need to wait until the sun goes down. Head out the door as a family and take a walk around your neighborhood.

Potato or Egg Race– It is a real fun-filled activity-

  1. Give each player a large spoon.
  2. Give each player a raw egg or potato.
  • Have players line up at starting line.
  1. Have players race to the finish line, without dropping their egg or potato.

Clothesline Art Show– Points to follow include:

  1. String a clothesline or rope in your backyard.
  2. Have your children paint pictures.
  • Hang their artwork on the line with clothespins.
  1. Invite friends and neighbors to your art show.

Catch Game– This game calls for one or two players and the idea is to throw and catch the ball according to a sequence of tasks. Once a player misses, the player also loses his or her turn thus having to start all over the next time. A few task tips:

  1. Throw the ball and catch it after two bounces—6 times.
  2. Throw the ball and touch your knees before catching it—7 times.
  • Throw the ball and clap hands before you catch it—8 times.
  1. Throw the ball and catch it after one bounce—9 times.
  2. Throw the ball and catch it before it bounces—10 times.

The Volcano Experiment– Some of the materials that would be required include dirt or wet sand, small shovel or spoon, two teaspoons baking soda and white vinegar.

  • Directions– Build a mound of dirt ten inches high. With a small shovel, dig a deep hole in the middle of the mound. Put two teaspoons of baking soda inside the hole and then slowly pour in vinegar and see for yourself the eruption of the volcano.

Listen to your Surroundings– This activity can take place inside or outside. This activity involves both parents and kids. Sit beside your child or back to back, and close your eyes. Concentrate on listening to all the sounds around you such as the humming of the refrigerator or a plane flying overhead or barking of a dog or ringing of a telephone. Say what you hear. Can your child identify all the sounds? Are there any soft sounds? High sounds? Take turns being very quiet and then share what sounds you can hear.

Create a Fairy House– Ask your child to build a fairy-sized house by using sticks, moss, leaves and small items from inside the house.

Hope our tips can help you in spending the summer in a great way.

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Fun Outdoor Games and Activities for Kids from House Cleaning Overland Park Services

Fun Outdoor Games and Activities for Kids from House Cleaning Overland Park Services

It is better that your child spends the summer vacation by stepping outside and enjoying some real action rather than playing some virtual games at home which will make your kid’s summer vacation more fun. Like we all know that kids today live in an automated world and an average kid spends 30 minutes outside while several hours in front of computer screen or television. As a parent you must be aware of the fact that lack of physical activity can affect both the mental and physical growth of your child and outdoor activities are not only fun but healthy too.

Here’s a lowdown from house cleaning services in Overland Park on top fun outdoor activities for kids. These outdoor activities can chase the bored blues away and keep your child active. The good part about these activities is that most of them are inexpensive. Read on:

Gardening– Gardening is a great way to develop new skills. Kids can learn about plants, flowers, insects, etc. Encourage your child to build an organic garden for himself. All the work like planting, watering, weed pulling, etc should be done by your child- all by himself or herself.

Football– This is a fabulous game that can keep your kid engaged. Points to follow:

  1. Parents should keep a watch on their kids while they engage themselves in kicking and catching the football, so that your kids do not get injured.
  2. Football provides a great way to keep children physically fit and strong.

Painting- Painting gives a child an exposure towards art. You can buy some spray bottle, and add some washable paint to it.

Bridge Ball– This is an interesting outdoor activity for kids which can be played by parents as well.

  1. The target of the game is to pass the ball between the legs of an individual. Players are required to stand in a circle with wide straddle steps and hand on knees.
  2. The ball would be thrown between legs of any player, before it passes through, players need to stop it.
  • Each time it passes through, a point is scored by the opponent. Remember, players must keep their hands on knees.

Pass the Ball- Participants need to sit in a circle and are required to pass the pillow until the music stops.

  1. The player holding the pillow while the music stops, is out.
  2. Let the kids continue, until one kid is left as a winner.
  • This can be a wonderful party play for your kid’s birthday bash!

Swimming– Apart from being a great outdoor activity, swimming is a great life skill and also a good fitness regime to maintain all through life. It is also one of the most favorite outdoor entertainments that refreshes and relaxes both the mind and the body.

Cycling– It is a simple activity and a good exercise as well. Cycling gives the freedom to roam around independently but be careful and plan your kid’s journey in a quiet road or woods in order to make it more adventurous.

Hula Hoop Freeze– This is a fun activity.

  1. Place several hula hoops all over the playing area.
  2. One kid is the ‘it’ and has to tag the others. At your signal, the ‘it’ will start chasing the kids to tag them. Kids can hop inside the hula hoop to avoid tagging but can stay inside only till a count of ten. Only one kid is allowed inside each hoop.

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Summer Cookout Cleaning Hacks from House Cleaning Services in Overland Park

Summer Cookout Cleaning Hacks from House Cleaning Services in Overland Park

Nothing quite signifies summer like a Memorial Day cookout aside from school letting out. During summer, bathing suits and colorful towels make an appearance. The pool is clean. Barbecued chicken and veggie burgers sizzle on the grill- so, there cannot be anything that can go wrong. Summer cookout foods like popsicles, ice cream and watermelon can leave nasty stains, as can ketchup and mustard. In addition to that, carrying items in and out for the cookout can result in spills. As an end result, after using the grill, you are going to have to clean it.

Do not let all of these thoughts dampen your plans to host an amazing summer kickoff because we are listing a few cookout cleaning hacks that can prove to be highly beneficial for you. The tips have been provided by professionals working at house cleaning services in Overland Park.

Preparing for a Cookout– Proper preparation is the key to not letting most messes ruin your day. You would easily be able to handle dropped food and spills with grace if you have the supplies that you need on hand. A few tips to follow:

  1. Around your cookout area, place multiple trash cans.
  2. Use plastic-lined tablecloths.
  3. To catch melting juice, slide cupcake liners under popsicles.
  4. Make sure to serve clear or light-colored punches and drinks that won’t stain clothes.
  5. It is better that you set up a buffet-style table which will not only let guests in helping themselves but also reduce the odds of having to clean spilled drinks.
  6. There should be plenty of napkins around.
  7. You should have an emergency clean-up caddy stashed nearby containing extra paper towels, microfiber cloths, wet wipes, a stain stick and your go-to cleaner.

Ways to Remove Ketchup Stains– The major downsides of a cookout are stains. The good news is that you don’t have to don a bib or skip colorful condiments on your burger if you know how to remove ketchup, mustard and barbecue sauce.

  1. You will Need– a spoon; mild laundry detergent; distilled white vinegar (for light-colored clothes); cold water.
  2. Process
  3. Use your spoon to scrape off excess amounts of the offending condiment as soon as the spill happens.
  4. Run cold water through the back of the stain as soon as you’re able to. Be careful and do not scrub the stain, as this will work it deeper into the fibers of the material.
  • To the stained area, add some laundry detergent. Gently work the detergent into the stain in a circular motion.
  1. Spritz a little vinegar on it to help get the condiment out, if the stained clothing is light or white in color. Before applying vinegar, rinse any detergent out of the fabric with cold water.
  2. Rinse all cleaning solutions from the fabric.
  3. Go ahead and repeat steps 3, 4 and 5 until the stain is no longer visible.
  • Leave your cloth to air dry just in case traces of the stain are left behind.

Go ahead and enjoy hosting a party and leave the cleaning up afterward in the hands of the housekeepers at Tidy Up Angels LLC in the Overland Park area. We offer a variety of specialty services, with one of them being after-party clean up. This will enable you in focusing on having a good time. Take the stress out of after party clean up with our professional tidy up service crew. Contact us in Overland Park on 913-642-2006, we have been providing residential cleaning to the Overland Park area since 2008.