In order for your kids to not spend their summer vacation in boredom, we are listing a few ideas for outdoor fun which can prove to be immensely fun for kids of all ages. They’re also perfect for getting your children thinking about other activities they’d like to do this summer. Our cleaning professionals at Tidy Up Angels LLC in Overland Park has drawn up the list. We are an acclaimed maid services Overland Park provider.

Breakfast Picnic– Arrange for a breakfast picnic in your backyard or at the park.

Homemade Horseshoes– Place two sticks in the ground about 20 feet apart. Let your children use real shoes to try to hit the stick opposite where they’re standing.

Go for a “Night Walk”- You just need to wait until the sun goes down. Head out the door as a family and take a walk around your neighborhood.

Potato or Egg Race– It is a real fun-filled activity-

  1. Give each player a large spoon.
  2. Give each player a raw egg or potato.
  • Have players line up at starting line.
  1. Have players race to the finish line, without dropping their egg or potato.

Clothesline Art Show– Points to follow include:

  1. String a clothesline or rope in your backyard.
  2. Have your children paint pictures.
  • Hang their artwork on the line with clothespins.
  1. Invite friends and neighbors to your art show.

Catch Game– This game calls for one or two players and the idea is to throw and catch the ball according to a sequence of tasks. Once a player misses, the player also loses his or her turn thus having to start all over the next time. A few task tips:

  1. Throw the ball and catch it after two bounces—6 times.
  2. Throw the ball and touch your knees before catching it—7 times.
  • Throw the ball and clap hands before you catch it—8 times.
  1. Throw the ball and catch it after one bounce—9 times.
  2. Throw the ball and catch it before it bounces—10 times.

The Volcano Experiment– Some of the materials that would be required include dirt or wet sand, small shovel or spoon, two teaspoons baking soda and white vinegar.

  • Directions– Build a mound of dirt ten inches high. With a small shovel, dig a deep hole in the middle of the mound. Put two teaspoons of baking soda inside the hole and then slowly pour in vinegar and see for yourself the eruption of the volcano.

Listen to your Surroundings– This activity can take place inside or outside. This activity involves both parents and kids. Sit beside your child or back to back, and close your eyes. Concentrate on listening to all the sounds around you such as the humming of the refrigerator or a plane flying overhead or barking of a dog or ringing of a telephone. Say what you hear. Can your child identify all the sounds? Are there any soft sounds? High sounds? Take turns being very quiet and then share what sounds you can hear.

Create a Fairy House– Ask your child to build a fairy-sized house by using sticks, moss, leaves and small items from inside the house.

Hope our tips can help you in spending the summer in a great way.

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