Dining Room Table Proper Organization tips from Maid Services in Overland Park

Dining Room Table Proper Organization tips from Maid Services in Overland Park

Kitchen and dining room surfaces are multifunctional surfaces in today’s day and age as oftentimes the dining room table becomes a homework station or a place for friends and family to play board games apart from the usual meals. Keep in mind that a cluttered kitchen table can quickly get out of control, you need to adopt a few organizational methods to keep them clean.

Here are a few tips on keeping the kitchen or dining room table clean from maid service Overland Park providers.

Do Clean Kitchen Table after Every Meal– Breakfast dishes, coffee mugs or bowls of melted ice cream residue get left behind quite often, so make sure to visit the sink or dishwasher after every meal and see for yourself the big difference you can obtain in terms of keeping your dining room table clean just by routinely carrying out this small chore.

Table Clean Off Before Bed– People tend to walk in and toss their jackets or book bags on chairs, while purses and laptop sleeves get flung on the tabletop. Additionally, homework gets scattered about thus making dining room table looking less like the place where you’ll serve dinner and more like the aftermath of a storm. It is advisable for people to put their belongings away prior to going to sleep so that you wake up to a clean and clear kitchen table ready for breakfast the next morning.

Throw Unnecessary Items– The responsibility lies on your shoulder to not let old magazines, junk mail and expired coupons pile up on your dining room table. Get rid of things that no longer serves a purpose. Make sure the other family members follow the same rule as well who may be leaving behind the remnants of science projects or crafts. House cleaning services advice to keep a trash can and recycle bin within easy reach of your table so that no one has an excuse to leave anything behind invariably leading to you getting a cleaner dining room table.

Storage Solutions– Following a few clutter-busting ideas can help you in organizing your dining room in a better way if you live in a small home.

  1. Put chargers, stamps, envelopes and other supplies in decorative baskets or containers.
  2. Hang wall-mounted filing bins in your dining room.
  3. If possible, establish a command center to house bins to hold laptops and tablets, arts and craft supplies, spare pens, placemats, extra napkins and anything else you need for the meals and activities that occur in your dining room.

Organizing the dining room may seem like a massive undertaking in the first place, but once you get into the routine of clearing and tidying, the task will seem nothing for you. If you have a hectic schedule that leaves no time for washing the utensils leave alone organizing the dining table, go for professional services.

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Ways to Get Rid of Nostalgic Clutter from Overland Park Home Cleaners

Ways to Get Rid of Nostalgic Clutter from Overland Park Home Cleaners

Clutter tends to pile up quickly thus taking a lot of space. It can turn a house from tidy into chaotic in a short period of time which is all the more true when one places sentimental value on items. It becomes difficult to get rid of objects when there is emotion attached to an object. But, it is possible to get rid of them if you are determined enough.

Here are a few ways that can help you to get rid of nostalgic clutter. These tips are by home cleaning Overland Park providers.

Just Get Rid of It- It can be difficult in getting rid of objects that you are emotionally attached to but consider whether or not you really need to keep each item. Ask yourself if the things you’re clinging to have a functional use or are used regularly. If the answer is a straight “no”, without further ado just bid them goodbye and move on. You’ll always have your memories with you which is more important than anything else.

A Timespan– A wise thing to do is give yourself a timespan for which you can hold onto things. There’s no sense in holding onto something because you feel like you’ll betray a loved one or a time in the past if you don’t.

Technology is there– If you really want to keep handwritten love notes, pictures your significant other doodled on napkins or all of the kids’ report cards and drawings, what you can do is scan them in in order to have a digital record that doesn’t take up space or attract dust. Technology has made our lives easier, isn’t it?

Let your Creativity Flow– There are several things that can be done with sentimental items. For instance, you can cut out paper and glue it to hard surfaces which is a great way to use old postcards, drawings or even letters to decorate tables, desktops or dressers and many people sew quilts from clothes laced with sentiment. Consider housing rocks or pressed flowers in a shadow box.

Create a Memory Box- When it comes to getting rid of stuff, keep in mind that there is no harm in keeping a few things. Hold onto items like old family photos or a rock from your trip to another country. House these items in a box which shouldn’t be large than a shoe box. When the box fills up, toss something out and add the new item.

Once you become used to the habit of kicking sentimental clutter, you’ll find yourself enjoying it.

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Cleaning Checklist after Home Renovation from Overland Park Home Cleaners

Cleaning Checklist after Home Renovation from Overland Park Home Cleaners

As a homeowner, home renovation may leave you thrilled with your new bathroom or kitchen countertops. But, you will most probably not be elated about the mess left behind. You must be aware about the fact that a thorough post-construction cleaning isn’t typically included in a contractor’s services. What is required is a little cleanup. Here’s a post-construction cleaning checklist to make sure you don’t miss a thing when tidying up after renovations.

These tips are from home cleaning Overland Park providers:

Clean the Insides of Cabinets and Closets– The dust from construction and demolition can work its way into some surprising areas like closets and cabinets. It is very simple to clean closets- just wipe down any items that were on the floor with a microfiber cloth and vacuum the bottom of the closet. Also, shake out or clean any clothing items that were stored inside. When it comes to cabinets, you need to put in a bit more effort. Remove everything within and wipe down the inside of the cabinet itself before cleaning and returning each item to its place.

Floor Vacuuming and Mopping– You will agree with the fact that any dust or debris you kick up during your other end-of-renovation cleaning efforts will wind up on the floor eventually. Use a push broom in this regard. Use it to sweep away large chunks of building materials, screws or bits of sawdust before running your vacuum. Wash your floors after vacuuming. Look up the internet on how to clean marble and granite floors, washing an area rug and cleaning ceramic floors and so forth.

Vacuum Upholstery– Vacuum all upholstered pieces with the appropriate attachment as the fine dust that permeates the air during a renovation project has a knack for making its way onto the furniture.

Dusting– Grates and vents are the prime targets for renovation messes so take out time for them. Remove the grate or vent and vacuum the inside to remove any dust that’s collected. Additionally, clean your window air conditioning unit or change your air filter.

Wipe every Surface– Make sure to wipe down every surface in close proximity to the area in which the renovation work took place. Surf online for tips on cleaning pained walls, baseboards, windowsills and window tracks and the hard-to-reach places in your house.

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