Organizing and Cleaning – Tips for the New Year

Organizing and Cleaning – Tips for the New Year

Sure, you could pick one of the traditional New Year’s resolutions, like losing weight or going back to school, but if you are still trying to decide, we have an idea that could help you this year, and for years to come! Let this be your year of organization and cleaning! We’ll help you with this resolution by sharing our easy-to-follow cleaning plan that will keep things tidy, neat, and organized all year long. When you implement our proven strategies, you can kick off the new year with a sparkling, organized home and keep it that way.

Keeping a clean home benefits the whole family because everyone enjoys living in a healthier environment. Your family can help keep this resolution, too. Getting the household clean and organized is achieved more efficiently when it’s a team effort. One of the best cleaning tips for the new year is to learn how to make house cleaning more fun, for everyone! Whether you create a family cleanup game or incentivize family members with cleaning achievement rewards, the extra hands can make all the difference and keep your cleaning on track throughout the year.

New Year’s Cleaning Resolutions Begin With Decluttering
Remember, having less to clean means less work for everyone. It also means not having to move things around every time you clean, and a less hectic environment. The days after Christmas, before the New Year officially kicks in, is the perfect time to begin purging your clutter. Depending on the amount of clutter you have, decluttering your home may take some time, so be patient and follow our proven declutter plan to make things more manageable.

When it comes to purging, nothing is off-limits. So, since you’ll be purging clothes, shoes, and other attire during the decluttering phase, this is a good time to analyze your closet situation. You can buy closet organizers, bins, or research other closet storage solutions that can help you stay organized all year. Labeling shelves in kids’ closets and maximizing space with handy shoe organizers are just a few of the many ways to manage your closet storage.

If visualizing new storage solutions while staring at an empty, perhaps dirty closet doesn’t come easy, reach out to a friend or seek advice from a storage solution professional. But before you add any additional storage, vacuum or sweep the floor, and dust any surfaces in your closet, so you’re starting with a clean slate. Once you’ve cleaned the area, check out our tips on closet organization for inspiration and practical storage solutions. Whether it comes to fruition or not, it’s a good practice to make a list of all the things you need to create the ideal closet, then get to work! Even if you don’t achieve your ultimate goal, you’ll likely still be in a better position than where you started.

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