During the summer, you would of course not like to spend it in a boring way. So, we are listing a few outdoor games and activities that can be of a lot of fun for both you and your children. You would definitely want your kids to step outside and enjoy some real action rather than play some virtual games at home. The list has been designed by house cleaning or move in cleaning Overland Park professionals.

Hanky Game– This is a very fun and interesting game and this is a game for kids of all ages. Make a circle with group of children; every individual needs to sit, except the one with the hanky.

  1. The kid with the hanky needs to stay outside the circle and try to run round the players and drop the hanky behind someone without letting them know.
  2. Then the player needs to race around the circle and get to that person’s position. If he gets caught, he needs to try again, or else the new person gets his turn.

Tug of War- A few steps to follow include:

  1. Divide the kids into two teams.
  2. Get a long piece of cloth or rope.
  • Draw a vertical line in the middle of a ground.
  1. Ask each team to stand on either side of the line.
  2. Once you blow the whistle, the teams have to hold the opposite ends of the rope and try to pull the other side to cross the line.
  3. The team that manages to tug the other team to their side first is the winner.

Tail Tag– The main objective of this game is to collect as many tails as possible while protecting your own. The game involves children looping a handkerchief lightly through their pocket or belt to act as a tail.

Blindfold Game– This game is very interesting but someone older should be present while kids play it. Blindfold all kids and ask them to find each other. The kids have to link their arms and find the rest, once they tag someone.

Bat the Balloon– This game can be considered to be on similar lines with cricket.

  1. Ask the kids to form two groups and make them sit down facing each other.
  2. Hand one balloon per kid to one team. Make sure the members of the other team are holding a bat each.
  3. The kids from the balloon team have to toss up the balloon with their hand and try to send it to the other side over the opponent’s heads. The kids with the bats have to try and hit the balloon before it passes over their head. The team with the maximum balloon score wins.

Paper Plate Balloons– Hand over a paper plate and an inflated balloon to each and every kid. The winner is decided on the basis of who is able to keep the balloon afloat for the longest time by pushing it up with the help of a paper plate.

These are some of the best outdoor games that can be played along with friends which can make the summer holidays more enjoyable and memorable. Regardless of what activity you choose for your kid, remember that it can prove to boost their mental health and physical fitness.

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