It is better that your child spends the summer vacation by stepping outside and enjoying some real action rather than playing some virtual games at home which will make your kid’s summer vacation more fun. Like we all know that kids today live in an automated world and an average kid spends 30 minutes outside while several hours in front of computer screen or television. As a parent you must be aware of the fact that lack of physical activity can affect both the mental and physical growth of your child and outdoor activities are not only fun but healthy too.

Here’s a lowdown from house cleaning services in Overland Park on top fun outdoor activities for kids. These outdoor activities can chase the bored blues away and keep your child active. The good part about these activities is that most of them are inexpensive. Read on:

Gardening– Gardening is a great way to develop new skills. Kids can learn about plants, flowers, insects, etc. Encourage your child to build an organic garden for himself. All the work like planting, watering, weed pulling, etc should be done by your child- all by himself or herself.

Football– This is a fabulous game that can keep your kid engaged. Points to follow:

  1. Parents should keep a watch on their kids while they engage themselves in kicking and catching the football, so that your kids do not get injured.
  2. Football provides a great way to keep children physically fit and strong.

Painting- Painting gives a child an exposure towards art. You can buy some spray bottle, and add some washable paint to it.

Bridge Ball– This is an interesting outdoor activity for kids which can be played by parents as well.

  1. The target of the game is to pass the ball between the legs of an individual. Players are required to stand in a circle with wide straddle steps and hand on knees.
  2. The ball would be thrown between legs of any player, before it passes through, players need to stop it.
  • Each time it passes through, a point is scored by the opponent. Remember, players must keep their hands on knees.

Pass the Ball- Participants need to sit in a circle and are required to pass the pillow until the music stops.

  1. The player holding the pillow while the music stops, is out.
  2. Let the kids continue, until one kid is left as a winner.
  • This can be a wonderful party play for your kid’s birthday bash!

Swimming– Apart from being a great outdoor activity, swimming is a great life skill and also a good fitness regime to maintain all through life. It is also one of the most favorite outdoor entertainments that refreshes and relaxes both the mind and the body.

Cycling– It is a simple activity and a good exercise as well. Cycling gives the freedom to roam around independently but be careful and plan your kid’s journey in a quiet road or woods in order to make it more adventurous.

Hula Hoop Freeze– This is a fun activity.

  1. Place several hula hoops all over the playing area.
  2. One kid is the ‘it’ and has to tag the others. At your signal, the ‘it’ will start chasing the kids to tag them. Kids can hop inside the hula hoop to avoid tagging but can stay inside only till a count of ten. Only one kid is allowed inside each hoop.

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