There are no two ways about the fact that having a garbage disposal can make life easier but these devices don’t see as much cleaning as they should which can be attributed to: most people kind of forget to maintain them and most people have been conditioned to fear the disposal since childhood. The end result of leaving this tool unwashed can be an awful stench permeating throughout your kitchen. Lack of cleaning could also lead to your disposal not working properly.

The good thing is that it is possible to keep these handy devices washed but one needs to be extra cautious during work. Garbage disposals have sharp blades that can be very dangerous. It’s important to make sure your disposal is off and be especially mindful of what you are doing when cleaning any part of this tool in order to avoid any kind of injury. Also, make sure to unplug the appliance when cleaning around the drain or flange.

Here are a few ways to clean a garbage disposal from home cleaning Overland Park professionals:

Cleaning a Smelly Garbage Disposal– Make sure to clean your garbage disposal thoroughly about once a month in order for it from getting stinky. You won’t require anything else apart from lemons, rock salt and ice for cleaning it.

You will Need– 2 cups of ice; 1 cup of rock salt; a quartered lemon.

Process- First and foremost, fill the drain with ice and pour the rock salt down the drain and over the ice cubes. Turn on cold water and run the disposal until all the ice has been rinsed away. Leave the disposal with the cold water running and drop the lemon quarters in one at a time. Turn off the disposal once the fruit is gone. The cold water should run for about 30 seconds before shutting it off.

Cleaning Garbage Disposal Rubber Flange– The rubber flange, which is more commonly known as the splash guard, should also be cleaned monthly.

You will Need– Dishwashing gloves; an old toothbrush; dish soap and a bowl or small packet.

Process- Firstly, make a mixture of hot soapy water in your bowl or small bucket and then put your gloves on. Use the toothbrush and soapy water to scrub both the underside and top of the flaps by lifting up one section of the splash guard at a time. Rinse the brush thoroughly in order to not spread the slime around. Rinse both sides of the splash guard well with hot water after you’ve cleaned the gunk off each section.

Maintaining the Garbage Disposal– After you’ve cleaned your disposal, proper upkeep is important which will help you in reducing bad odors in the future that includes giving it a quick clean on a regular basis.

You will Need– Dishwashing liquid.

Process– Squirt a few drops of dish soap in your disposal and then turn on the appliance. Run cold water through the disposal for about a minute. Leave the cold water on for another 30 seconds or so but turn off your garbage disposal. Turn off the water. A few items should never be placed in the disposal because they can cause damage to the blades or get stuck in the pipes thus leading to expensive plumbing repairs.

Consult your model’s care instructions in order for the manufacturer’s recommendations. If you are looking for more advice that can keep bad odors at bay, it is advisable that you go for house cleaning services for getting a clean and sweet-smelling home.

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