The holiday season can get hectic. There are gifts to buy, parties to attend and if you’re hosting this year, getting the house ready can be a real stressor. This 12-day checklist will help you get your home in order just in time for Christmas. Start on Dec. 13 for a house that will shine, and revisit any spots that may need a touch up before the big day.

Day 1: Get the Guest Bedroom Ready
If guests are staying overnight, get the guest bedroom ready first so you don’t have to worry about it later. Dust surfaces and baseboards, vacuum, wash linens and make the bed and put out any extras to make their stay more comfortable, such as towels and wash cloths.

Day 2: The Laundry Room
You’ll be doing a lot of laundry over the holidays so now is the time to get the laundry room prepped and ready for battle. Wipe down shelves and appliances, organize the cabinets and make sure you’re stocked up on supplies.

Day 3: Kids’ Bedrooms
Next, tackle the kids’ bedrooms. Get your kids to help with putting toys and books away and throwing out any trash. Vacuum and dust, put laundry away and make the bed. To get them to keep their room clean throughout the season and help relieve some cleaning stress, offer an incentive such as a family movie night or a trip to their favorite sledding hill.

Day 4: The Front Closet/Mudroom
How organized is your front closet or mudroom? Make sure all items have a place to hang and boots and shoes are in their proper bin. Mop the floors.

Day 5: The Master Bedroom
When the holidays get stressful, you’ll want a place where you can retreat and relax, so make sure your bedroom is clean and tidy. Vacuum and dust all surfaces, change the bed linens and make sure all laundry is picked up and put away. Declutter horizontal surfaces.

Day 6: The Hallways
Make sure the hallways are vacuumed or swept and wipe down the walls if needed. Touch up any paint and make sure artwork is dusted and hung properly.

Day 7: The Master Bathroom
Get out the cleaning supplies and spend some time cleaning the master bathroom. Wipe down the walls, mop the floors and wash rugs and towels. Sanitize the counter and sink and scrub the shower and toilet. It may be your bathroom, but with a house full of guests, it’s quite likely others will be using it!

Day 8: The Kitchen
Since people like to congregate in the kitchen during Christmas, make sure your kitchen is ready. Take the time to wash down the walls and cabinets and clean appliances, including inside the refrigerator and oven. Make sure your dishwasher is working properly so it’s ready for all those dirty dishes. Sanitize countertops and organize the pantry.

Day 9: The Living Room
Declutter the living room and make sure all trash is picked up. Recycle newspapers and magazines. Water plants if needed. Dust all surfaces and wash curtains or wipe down blinds. Vacuum or mop.

Day 10: The Dining Room
Make sure you’ll have enough seats at the table for Christmas dinner. Dust surfaces and mop floors. Wash tablecloths and placemats. Make sure you have enough wine glasses, plates and flatware for the big meal.

Day 11: The Main Bathroom
Now is the time to make sure all other bathrooms are ready. Sanitize the sink and countertop and scrub the toilet and shower. Mop the floor and wipe down walls. Make sure the bathroom is stocked with toilet paper, towels and any other toiletries guests may need.

Day 12: Christmas Clutter
Have a plan for all that Christmas clutter that seems to multiply before your eyes. Put recycle bins in an easy-to-access spot, have trash bags ready and have a designated spot to keep all those gifts before they’re placed under the tree.

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