With back to school right around the corner – pretty soon we will all be getting back into a routine.

So if you are a Neat Freak then that means that messes go against your nature than you might be a neat freak!
Here is a great tip: Create color coded files for each child for those handmade keepsakes and important papers.  Send mess-making supplies to school in clear baggies to protect backpacks. Have older students keep a stain-removal stick in their backpacks to pre-treat ink stains.  Prep everything you need for lunches for the week on Sunday afternoon.

Now if you look like a neat freak, but you just hide your messes then you’re probably a Closet Stasher!  Here are some great tips:
Use plastic bins or baskets with labels to keep different items like games and books organized. Create a special shelf just for school supplies. If your child is a closet stasher, be sure to check under beds and behind headboards when cleaning!

If you are super busy and always a Busy Bee Juggling work, homework, after-school activities, and keeping the house clean? You’re definitely a busy bee!
Here are some great tips if you are a busy bee: Create a family calendar to keep track of schedules. Place a whiteboard or chalkboard by the door to remind everyone of important things as you head out the door. Work together to get things done. Have the kids put laundry in the dryer while you make dinner.

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