The case mostly is that when someone cleans the house, most people randomly start in one room and then move to the next without any rhyme or reason. It is very important to map out a plan of attack when it comes to cleaning the house. Your cleaning won’t be efficient if you don’t. In addition to everything, planning your cleaning will make the task more manageable.

Here is a right order for cleaning the house from home cleaning Overland Park services.

Clean the Most Difficult Room– When it comes to cleaning, the bathroom may be one of the smaller rooms, but it’s also more time-consuming. It is not only the shower and tub that needs to be washed, but there’s also the toilet, the sink and all those little fixtures that need to be scrubbed and polished. There can be no better idea than making the washroom the first room you clean because bathroom cleaning is both time and labor-intensive. Afterwards, all your chores will seem easier.

Dusting and Organizing– Your next move should be to tackle the dusting throughout the house because when you clean, the dust has to go somewhere and typically, that place is on the floor. It is advisable that you should not clean the floors before you take on the dusting as you’re just going to have dirty floors again. Make your way throughout the house using a duster, dust mop and a vacuum cleaner. You’ll want to be certain you get those easily forgotten areas such as ceiling fans, baseboards and blinds. Take the time to organize disheveled areas as you dust surfaces like the tops of coffee tables and dressers.

Mopping and Vacuuming– It’s time to clean your floors first now that they are covered with dust. Vacuum throughout the house first, do this even on hard-surface floors, as vacuuming is much easier than sweeping and has the same end result. Move on to mopping or cleaning your floors afterwards. You may need to mop the floor each time you clean your house, in rooms like the kitchen and bathroom.

Kitchen Cleaning– Cleaning the kitchen would be fairly easy if you regularly wipe down the counters and tackle spills when they happen. Simply wipe down the outside of your refrigerator, cabinets and appliances. Next, clean your stovetop, microwave and sink. This is it for the kitchen.

This is an appropriate plan for a weekend session of house cleaning that’s meant to help you maintain your home. If you have made up your mind for a major clean for routine upkeep, there can be nothing better than going for house cleaning services in Overland Park.

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