There are high chances of you waking up many times with the previous night’s makeup smeared all across your sheets. Or, you may have had visitors depart leaving behind impressions of their faces in your pillowcases. It is important that you learn about how to remove makeup stains out of your sheets. We are listing a few tips that can help get your bedding back to its natural state. These tips have been provided by move out cleaning Overland Park professionals, you can gain immense benefits by following the tips.

Prior to cleaning your sheets or pillowcases using any of the below-mentioned methods, do go through the instructions on the care tag. If you can, conduct a spot test in order to make sure that your cleaning solution won’t bleach or stain the fabric.

Removing Lipstick Marks Out Of Sheets– You need to tackle lipstick marks with something that will cut through the stain because lipstick is often oilier than most other makeups. You can use dishwashing liquid. For making a cleaning solution, you will need cotton balls, a butter knife or spoon and Witch hazel or isopropyl rubbing alcohol.

Process- Firstly, scrape gently as much lipstick as possible from the sheets by making sure not to damage the fibers; soak a cotton ball in witch hazel or isopropyl rubbing alcohol and dab at the stain to lift it; repeat this step as needed and this method may take a while depending on how deep the stain is; launder your linens but do not put them in the dryer as the stain might set in deeper; repeat as needed.

Removing Mascara from Pillowcases– Even the best brands of mascaras which are waterproof and smudge proof are bound to leave traces behind when you go off to sleep wearing multiple coats. But the good news is that it isn’t difficult to get the mascara out of the sheets.

You will need a butter knife or spoon, a few drops of grease-fighting dish soap, two cups of water and microfiber cloths.

Process- Gently scrape the mascara off the bedding using the spoon or butter knife, make sure not to rough up the fabric as it may get damaged; mix the water and dishwashing liquid and dampen a microfiber cloth with this solution; dab at the stain until it goes away. Do not scrub harshly and rewet your cloth as required; in the sink, rinse the affected area in order to remove any soapy residue; wash the bedding and air dry it because heat from the dryer could cause the stains to set in further; until the complete removal of the stain, repeat these steps.

Remove Foundation Off Sheets– If you fall asleep wearing white foundation, it is bound to make your sheets look rough after a night of tossing and turning. You can easily get this makeup essential out of your linens. You will just need a butter knife or spoon, a shaving cream, water and microfiber cloths.

Process– With the side of the spoon or knife, delicately remove any clumps of foundation; then spray the shaving cream on the stained area and let it sit for 3 to 5 minutes; dab at the stain gently with a dampened microfiber cloth and switch to a clean cloth as and when required; rinse the spot with cold water; if the foundation is still there, repeat the above steps one more time; wash the sheets normally that you do on any other day but stay away from the dryer in order to prevent the stain from setting deep; repeat until the stain is completely removed.

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