Pool Noodle for Your Car Door and Garage Wall
Your garage might be a tad too small, and your car door is getting the brunt of it. That’s no good. Cut out half of a pool noodle and screw it into the wall at the length that your car door tends to hit the garage wall.

Squeegee for Unwanted Pet Hair
Squeegees aren’t just for cleaning windows! You can also use them for cleaning up all that cat or dog hair that sits too easily on your carpets or couches and sofas.

Rotating Your Ceiling Fans
This hack is one that most people don’t really think about. If you correctly rotate your ceiling fans, you can save on your air conditioning costs. You just need to alter the motion of the fan.  Remember to clean those blades. 🙂

Blow-Dry Stickers Away
Next time you need to remove a sticker, just heat it up with a blow dryer. The heat will then loosen the glue and allow you to peel the sticker off with ease.  Then you will easily keep that dishwasher clean by taking care of those stickers.

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