How you can keep the house clean with kids. The trick to keep the house clean when you have kids, is to put in a small effort everyday. The tasks are small and doable for moms who have so much to do and so little time.

So don’t let the fact that you have little kids, keep you from living in a clean and tidy house. With these smart mom hacks you can go from messy to clean and well organized.

The easiest organizing strategy ever, is to use baskets and storage containers to organize every room in your house.

When we are designing spaces, this is our trick to making sure the rooms stay organized and decluttered. You too can use baskets to corral clutter is every room of your house from the living room to dining room and kitchen.

Look at the creative and beautiful ways baskets and storage containers are used for organizing every room in the house.

Keeping a house clean and tidy can be hard when the house is cluttered with things you have zero emotional attachment to (or worse, dislike).

Pick a long weekend, send the kids over to grandma’s and just tackle the clutter. If you are expecting a baby, then this is the perfect time to get organized. Check out this nesting checklist to get started.

Get rid of things that are broken or you don’t need. Donate items that the kids have grown out of. Get the house de-cluttered and you’ll find that keeping and maintaining a clean house is much easier afterwards.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to look around and see a home you love?

Once you have de -cluttered, you’ve got to find storage for things you have. Focus on storing like with like. For example, organize the books together, toys together, etc.

Make sure you have designated storage places for everything. This is where the baskets we talked about before, come in handy.

Creating a cleaning schedule is essential to keeping your house clean when you have little kids. It will help you break down the cleaning of the house into simple tasks that feels less daunting and time consuming.

Keep in mind, that the easiest house cleaning schedule only requires you to spend a little time every day. With a 25 minute clean up routine every day, you’ll have a presentable house, pretty much all the time.

The best time to tackle the daily clean up tasks, is when your little one is napping during the day.

Here’s a sample cleaning schedule you can follow during the week:

Can making your bed change your life?

According to the New York Times Bestseller, The Power of Habit, by Charles Duhigg, making your bed is a keystone habit that leads to better productivity and a greater sense of well being among other things.

And, if you need more convincing, Retired U.S. Navy Admiral Seal William H. McCraven, gave a commencement speech which went viral, where we told students that one of the most powerful lessons he learned during his time as a Navy SEAL was to make the bed every morning.

One of our favorite mom hacks, to keep the house clean with kids, is to tackle laundry everyday. That’s right, no more trying to collect piles of laundry and doing laundry once a week. You’ve got to get in the routine of doing a load of laundry either in the morning or after dinner.

It’s really not going to take a lot of time. It will take you at most, five minutes to put laundry in the washer, start the machine and go on with your day (and switch the clothes to the dryer in between). And, then it will take another 10 minutes or so to put it away.

If you want to keep the house clean get your husband, kids, dog and everyone else involved. They’ve got to pitch in and understand that keeping the house clean is important.

Get the little ones to help you pick up their toys and books. Ask your husband to help you with the dishes and cleaning the kitchen every night.

A 15 minute nightly routine to clean up and organize the living room, family room and play room will make keeping the house clean and tidy so much easier.

Fix the blankets and pillows, put the toys and books away, and tidy up anything else that is not in it’s designated place.

Just imagine how wonderful it would be to wake up to a neat and beautiful house, sounds awesome, doesn’t it?

A mom hack we swear by, is to always put things away right after using them. Imagine how much less clutter and how much less work you’d have, if everyone in your house just put their things away after using them.

It takes effort to get into that habit. It is convenient to come into the house and just drop the jacket on the floor. Or leave the toys on the living room floor after playtime is done, instead of picking it all up.

But the truth is, either way — you’re going to have to put the stuff away. So do it as you go through the day, rather than waiting for “clean up” time.

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