Universally, children always have and always will be childish, we can put the beauty of childishness into words like innocence, curiosity, playfulness and more. The ugly underbelly of childishness is a self-focus and generally speaking selfish nature. It is the parents who should be working towards helping the kids grow out of childishness and become self-sufficient adults because childhood, howmuchever be good and sweet and full of wonderful things, it is neither good for us or our children to let them stay childish.

This article is not about parenting but a look at just one area which is “chores” that we always seem to get “pushback” from our kids. You need to explain to your kids that each person in the family has to contribute to make the house and family run smoothly. Each person has very important things to do and everything works better in the house when everyone’s work is done. As per home cleaning Overland Park experts, give your kids a time-frame, goal and optional help. Small children need only five-minute tasks while school-age children are capable of increasing times as they get older.

Small Children– It is very cute and touching when small children express interest in helping with the chores. If your small child shows interest to help you, find a chore that is easy enough for them to do and make it a regular chore. Try having your toddler search the wilds of the living room and see if they can find any bits of trash on the floor. Or, maybe putting all the pillows on the couches. You can also make them dust by putting socks on their hands or finding stray, dirty clothes and putting them in the hamper.

Grown-ups– As your child get older and the responsibilities increase, you can have them empty all the garbage into one container, dust a room in the house, take the laundry out of the washer and put into the dryer, clean their bathroom counter, and, of course, clean their room.

It is important that you start early when it comes to teaching kids how to clean up as you will find it easier to navigate those duties when they’re older.

A Cleaning Checklist For Kids:

Involving kids in chores not only saves time but they learn skills that are essential in their adult lives. In order to involve the kids and in order for them to participate in the activity, what you can do is you can create an actual house cleaning checklist in order to give clear expectations step-by-step. Through the checklist, kids will know what age appropriate expectations are and will also understand what a clean house looks like. A cleaning checklist can prove to be highly beneficial when your kids are first learning how to clean a certain room because it will provide a clear set of instructions and criteria involved in completing a certain job to your satisfaction.

Some of the other benefits include:

  • It will remove you from being a part of the situation because the list (even though you wrote it) is on a piece of paper which will leave no room for the kids to argue with it.
  • Secondly, all the instructions will be clear and orderly. Most kids want to succeed and do a good job for the household, but they just need to be told what to do. Kids don’t intuitively know what tool or product to use, or how to scrub something, and that is if they even see the dirt in the first place.

While creating a checklist, start off with taking a photograph of every room when it is clean and then, think of your reader and their age, and your expectations. Write down every task that you want them to accomplish in a certain room using their age as a guide with regards to how many items to include on their cleaning checklists.

You should remember that the big picture goal is their buy-in to contributing to the household. Not only will you reap the rewards of having a team of workers, but you are giving them life skills. A house cleaning checklist is a tool that can help you in getting your kids actively carry out the household chores. Do not waste time and go ahead with it.

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