As you put away gifts, declutter a few items from each room.
– Take down the Christmas tree, pack up or haul away.
– Sweep up/vacuum away pine needles.
– Fix or toss broken ornaments and decorations.
– Pack away ornaments and decorations.
– Wash, fold, and put away holiday linens.
– Sort holiday photos on your computer and save to a backup drive.

Remove the Christmas Tree and either arrange for it to be picked up if it was real or put it up if it was fake. Move all the furniture in the living room (or wherever you have your tree set up ) and sweep or vacuum up those thousands of pine needles that are dropped by fresh and fake trees.

Don’t just pack up your Christmas decorations. Take a little time to fix or toss broken ones. Also, evaluate whether you really use all the decorations you have. If not, set the ones you don’t in a cardboard box to donate.

Wash, dry, and fold your holiday linens. Treat any stains before you pack the holiday linens away. If you are not sure how to remove a stain, check this stain removal guide on Stain Removal 101.

Take Care of Holiday Entertaining Messes Now
– Strip the bedding in the guest room and wash.
– Take down and wash all the curtains throughout the house.
– Spot clean couches.
– Spot clean carpets.
– It is tempting to just close the door to the guest room, but if you take the time now to clean the guest room it will make your life easier if you have any guests come on short notice.

The first of the year is a great time to take down all your curtains and launder them as they pick up smells from holiday entertaining.

Give the sofas a good cleaning out, between the wrapping paper, finger foods of the holidays, and well…life your couch probably took a beating the last few months. Remove cushions if you can and vacuum out all the crumbs. If you have any spots use a stain remover to clean them up.

Spot clean any stains on the carpets now so they don’t become permanent.

Clean your stove. This is actually a pretty easy task if you have a self-cleaning oven.

Scrub down all the cabinets in your kitchen. Remove everything from the kitchen counters and mix up a batch of the Kitchen Cleaner & Degreaser below. Scrub your kitchen cupboards from the top to the bottom, include your range hood and appliances as well. Then scrub your counters well. Trust me all the cooking and baking put a layer of film on your cabinets that you want to remove before it becomes visible.

This is also a good time to deep clean your floors. Between the entertaining and baking, there are probably a few sticky spots. If possible, clean under your appliances, in the corners, and wipe down the baseboards.

Go through your spice rack and cupboards, toss out expired and empty spice bottles. Start a list of ones you need to replace. How to Keep Track of Kitchen Inventory can help you keep it all organized.

Remove everything from the refrigerator and give it a good scrubbing. Check expiration dates, wipe off containers before putting them back in. Pull refrigerator out and clean thoroughly underneath. Check out this post on Organizing Your Fridge and Keeping it That Way.

Sort through your utensils, pull out anything you haven’t used in the past year and donate it.

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