This is the summer vacation time for all the children. It is that time of the year that most children look forward to. This is the apt time to participate in various summer activities on the part of both children and parents which can play a huge role in shaping their personality. As parents, it is your responsibility to organize interesting activities for your children or they may end up getting too much screen time.

Here’s a lowdown on a series of things for kids to do everyday- one activity for the weekdays of summer. These tips have been provided by professional maid services in Overland Park.

Make Good use of Nearby Parks– Go to your local park’s website, print the schedule of activities and tape it to the refrigerator.

Dig in the Sand at the Beach- It does not matter if it is in the ocean, lake or bay.

Complete a Home Project– Home project may include house cleaning where you can find ways to let the kids help.

Grow Vegetables and Flowers.

Decorate your Walkways with Chalk.

Plant a Butterfly Garden- There can be nothing better than watching the butterflies flutter by.

Take a Road Trip to a Nearby City– You can just spend the night if you can or can also make it a day trip.

Meet Friends at the Playground– This is popular, not groundbreaking, nonetheless.

Go to a Nearby Museum that you have never been to before.

Try a few science experiments with your kids which will not only be fun but also will be educational.

Visit a Historic House- Kids will be amazed at what the old-timers lived without.

Go Fishing– There cannot be a more fun activity than this.

White Water Rafting- If you are really adventurous, try white water rafting with your kids or any other adventure sport.

Mastering a New Skill– There are so many things that one can master like learning to juggle, playing a musical instrument, doing the hula hoop, etc.

Play Brainteaser Games like “The Gordians Knot” or “Rubik’s Cube” with your kids which can play a key role in building their brains.

Search for a Free Concert Near you.

Run in the Yard- Kickball, wiffleball, Frisbee, and the tag will keep you moving.

Creating Art with Beach Items like Seashells.

Flying a Kite.

Make Play Dough Creations– Then rip them up and do it again.

Join a Summer Reading Club– You can sign up your child for a summer reading club which can prove to be highly beneficial for them.

Set Up a Badminton Net– You could use it for volleyball too.

A good thing that you can do on your own property is creating a treasure hunt for kids.

Joining a Junior Ranger Program– Both national parks and many state parks have them.

Play croquet on the lawn.

Being parents, you can also teach your kids to skip stones.

Visit a Local Farmers Market– Feast on the fruits and veggies of the season.

Summer vacation is also the best time for going ahead with professional maid or house cleaning services in Overland Park. While you would be out with your children or performing a activity together, the professionals will take care of your house.

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