If anyone is making her list and checking it twice, it is your mother-in-law checking in to see if everything is alright in the house. A few of the mother-in-law approved cleanings include:

  • Vacuum under the sofa, between the cushions and by the baseboards.
  • Make sure the kitchen is spic and span – not just the windows and floors, but the appliances and cabinets too.
  • Do not forget the bathroom.

We are listing a few bathroom cleaning tips from house cleaning services in Overland Park which can prove to be the best gift that you can give your mother-in-law on the eve of mother’s day.

Read on:

The routine bathroom cleaning, in general, takes place only once in a week which mostly involves scrubbing of the tub and shower walls. But there are some parts of the bathroom that need to be addressed more frequently than every seven days. Here’s a lowdown on a few parts of the bathroom that needs to be touched up in between weekly cleanings:

Clean the Toilet– It’s one of the most germ-ridden areas of the home. In fact, the waste in your toilet mixes with the flushing water and sends plumes of microbes into the air which can land on toilet seats, lids and other surfaces. You should make it a point to clean your toilet once or twice a week, however, the toilet doesn’t always require complete cleaning. You can simply wipe down the seat and sides with a bleach wipe until and unless you start to see a ring in the toilet bowl.

Get rid of the Trash– If your bathroom sees a lot of traffic, there are chances for your bathroom trashcans to be filled up quickly. So you need to make sure to empty the wastebaskets every few days so that they don’t spill over and cover your bathroom floor with floss and tissue.

Change Linen- If your bathroom is used very frequently, linen will need to be freshened every day or two. Also wash your bathmat mid-week. Go for the clean sets waiting in the linen closet and get rid of the used bath and hand towels. The bathroom is quite a busy place so sweep every few days in order to clean up any hair or rogue fingernail clippings that have fallen.

Wipe the Mirror and Sink– In the course of a week, your sink and mirror will most likely be subject to many sessions of tooth brushing and hair combing. Wipe hair off the sink with a piece of toilet paper each time you brush or style, and toss that in the trashcan rather than the toilet so that your hair doesn’t stop up the commode. Use a dry microfiber cloth to wipe away any toothpaste on the mirror or sink so that they don’t harden before your next weekly bathroom cleaning.

The frequency with which you should be cleaning your bathroom totally depends on how much your bathroom is used. It is totally up to you with regards to how often should you be cleaning your bathroom in between weekly housekeeping. You’ll find your home’s bathrooms seem much fresher using the above-mentioned bathroom tidying tips. Moreover, it would also not take much time to finish off with a detailed bathroom cleaning alongside tackling your regular housework.

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