Maintain your garage door

  • Check to make sure that your garage door is properly balanced, and the coils are lubricated. Replace the batteries in your garage door opener.

Clean Deck

  • Clean and repair your deck as needed during this time. Leaving a deck uncleaned can serve as an invitation for pests and bugs to begin living in its wood.

Check Ductwork for leaks

  • Assuming your air conditioner is up and running, go to the ductwork so you can visually inspect to see if there are any leaks.

Fix Clogged Sinks

  • Have a clogged sink? Make sure that your plumbing is taken care of by de-clogging sinks easily.

Ready your home for vacation

  • July is the month of summer trips and vacations. Make sure your home is ready for vacation by prepping it before you go using these tips.