Most kids dread when asked to carry out the household chores and think they are worse than finishing their homework or studying for a test. Being parents, it is your responsibility to involve your kids in carrying out the household chores which you can easily do by making the chores fun for the kids.

Here’s a lowdown on a few ways by house cleaning service in Overland Park providers which can make chores enjoyable for your children:

Give The Chore Control To Your Kids– For you, doing the laundry might be easier than making the bed, for your kids, it may be not. It is better that you let them choose their chores each week by making a list of all the available chores in the household. Let each child choose from the list of chores which will allow them in having control over what they have to do. Kids will be happier when they choose the tasks they will have to do each day.

Create Chore Game- When devising the games, be creative and ask your kids to help think of the rules. You can also use an hourglass timer or stopwatch on your phone in order to keep track of the time and give the child a certain and reasonable timeframe by which the chore needs to be completed.

Keep a Track Of The Completed Chores– There are no two ways about the fact that children love to receive positive reinforcement regardless of it being a gold star or a special sticker, kids just love tokens of appreciation that reaffirm that they have finished off a job well. Make sure that the rewards are age-appropriate. Keep a track of completed chores on a chart.

Design Chores that are Creative– Kids are bound to get bored with mundane chores like fixing the bed, vacuuming, throwing out the garbage, etc, so create fun, new chores. A few ideas include cleaning the shower doors while taking a shower, or purging their closet of old toys and games to make room for new ones before a gift giving holiday.

Turn Chores into a Family Event– There can be nothing better than making chores into a family activity  instead of having each kid alone in their rooms or in other areas of the house doing chores on their own time. Each and every family member can play a part in the daily or weekly chores such as two people fixing the bed, two people setting the table together, etc.

Create Chore Songs– Singing makes a job more pleasant. So make up chore songs by using the melodies of existing songs and making up your own words. You can also have the kids sing along to their favorite songs that you can play on their iPods or the family computer as they complete their chores.  They can dance around while cleaning up their room, and heck turn it into a game that they have to clean a corner of the room before the song is done!

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