There are certain things all homeowners need to do to keep their house clean. It’s important to make habits of doing these little daily cleaning tasks every day so that your house stays clean and in tip-top shape.  This is everything you should be doing daily to keep your house clean. None of these house cleaning tasks will take too much time, but they are so worth it in the end.

Regular House Cleaning Tasks

• Empty and load the dishwasher (or wash the dishes and put them away)
• Squeegee the shower
• Wipe down countertop in bathroom
• Rinse out sink
• Wipe down countertop in kitchen
• Empty and wipe out the sink
• Put away loose items (papers, toys, blankets, and other things)
• Empty coffee maker into the garbage or compost
• Clean kitchen floor (sweep or vacuum)
• Make your bed
• Tidy up

Weekly Cleaning Checklist

Certain things need to happen every week. I used to hate this idea, but we always found that it was way easier to clean a house and keep it clean than it was to let it fall completely apart and clean it all again.
By keeping up with this weekly schedule, it will get easier and easier to keep your house clean all year long. It’s also a nice list to have if you decide to hire a cleaning service to take over this part. Get the weekly cleaning schedule we use; it’s a free printable too.

Bedroom Cleaning Checklist

Bedrooms are our most personal area, so it’s important that they get a good cleaning. We spend the most time in our bedrooms (albeit most of it we’re asleep), so it’s important that it’s clean and tidy. Make sure you keep your bedrooms clean with this weekly bedroom cleaning checklist. Some of these will only take a minute.
• Clean sheets
• Do laundry
• Wipe down mirrors
• Dust baseboards
• Dust and clean window ledges

Living Areas

• Tidy up remote controls, videos, and video games
• Empty fireplace (here is a way to clean your fireplace glass naturally)
• Dust lamps
• Put away all unused items
• Empty trash cans and take out the trash
• Vacuum and mop floors
• Clean windows
• Dust baseboards
• Dust furniture
• Clean and Dust window ledges
• Dust other surfaces

Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

The kitchen is the most used area in the house, and it is important to have a good kitchen cleaning checklist. These are the things you should be doing every day or at least weekly to keep your kitchen clean. We also have a kitchen cleaning checklist you can get if you want more detail.
• Wipe down kitchen appliances
• Disinfect countertops
• Clean stainless steel sink
• Wipe down refrigerator shelves
• Clean out microwave
• Empty trash cans and take out the trash
• Vacuum and mop floors
• Dust all surfaces
• Clean windows
• Dust baseboards
• Clean tap
• Wipe cabinet fronts
• Pantry clean and food off the floor
• Trash overdue food
• Wipe down inside your oven
• Dust and clean window ledges

Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

A clean bathroom should always be at the top of your cleaning list. It’s the one place in the house that your guests will snoop when you aren’t around. Make sure all of these items are on your weekly house cleaning list. Make sure to get our bathroom cleaning checklist for a more in-depth look.
• Clean towels
• Scrub and disinfect toilets (here’s a tip if you need to get rid of toilet ring )
• Clean mirrors and window sills
• Empty trash cans and take out the trash
• Mop floors
• Dust all surfaces
• Dust baseboards
• Spray the shower curtain liner with disinfectant to prevent mold
• Disinfect sink and countertop
• Clean the bathtub (here’s how to clean a bathtub with bleach)

Other Items

• Remove lint from the dryer filter
• Add rock salt to water softener
• Clean pet spaces
• Clean pet bowls

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