Mid summer cleaning is here and upon us.  It’s hard to believe that summer is half way done with – and before you know it the kids will be back in school.  Here are 6 great things you can do during the summer to help with keeping up on your cleaning schedule.

#1: Clean the air conditioner filter
This is probably the most important item on this list. An air conditioner that is clogged up with dust and dirt won’t function as well or — even worse — could break and leave you seriously uncomfortable in the summer heat. Simply clean the filter with warm soapy water or with a vacuum cleaner.

#2: Clean & reverse the fan
Dusty fans only enhance summer allergies and hay fever symptoms. Without proper cleaning, fans will continue to spread dust and pollen as they rotate. While you’re cleaning the fan, make sure you also change the direction of the blades to counterclockwise. This trick pushes the cold air down ultimately saving you money on energy costs by making your air conditioner more effective.

#3: Wash the windows
Take advantage of the good weather and spend a morning cleaning your windows. Much better to do this now than in the middle of winter! If it’s been a while since you cleaned your windows, opt for soapy water and a sponge instead of just relying on window cleaner. You may need to really scrub to get the dirt out.

#4: Get sudsy with the window screens
This is also a crucial step during the summer when your windows are open more and the humidity can encourage mold growth. Take the time to suds-up your window screens to keep your breathing easy and enjoy the fresh air.

#5: Clean the fridge
In hotter climates, bacteria grow faster — even in the refrigerator. Take the time to clean out your fridge, rinsing down the surfaces with gentle antibacterial soap and throwing out anything expired or moldy. This is also important during the season of fruits and veggies – consider investing in a food-grade cleaner to wash your produce and avoid any of the nasty bacteria that could be lurking, like salmonella.

#6: Make the patio a great place to spend the evenings
Patios are perfect for grilling and chilling with family and friends. But to make the patio a really enjoyable space, consider getting rid of moss and lichen with a quick spritz of a bleach/water mixture or soda crystals. Both natural methods will kill and dry out the lichen, leaving you with the quick task of raking the patio clear and enjoying your like-new outdoor space.

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