There are simple yet effective techniques for cleaning every room in your home at lightning speed. Here are the essentials you’ll want to tackle in the days, weeks, and months ahead for a cleaner new year.  Resolve to get the rest of the household in on the job, too.

Resolutions for a cleaner New Year

Yes, even tiny hands can be a big help around the house – even if it only means having children put cups and dishes on the kitchen counter after dinner.

Granted, getting kids to help with cleaning isn’t easy. Besides, how much help can you realistically expect from a child? The answer depends on the child’s age.

Preschoolers can put away dishes and playthings; grade-school children can wipe up spills, make their beds (well, if you don’t count the scrunched up sheet underneath the bedspread, that is) and clear the table.

Daily Tasks for a Cleaner New Year
Yes, there are a few daily housecleaning tasks that can fit into even the busiest of schedules. Get into the habit of cleaning up as you go.

After all, a clean and well-maintained home runs smoother and requires fewer expensive service visits.

You can spare yourself long weekends of scrubbing away at accumulated grunge by spreading out the more significant cleaning tasks over the months ahead.

Which translates into more time for the things you enjoy – family and friends!

Pick up nightly. Resolve to put everything back in its place before you head upstairs to bed for a cleaner new year. Waking up to a tidy home can do wonders for your psyche in the day ahead!

Stay ahead of the mess. Wash dishes or put them in the dishwasher after each meal. After all, who wants to come home to a sinkful of dirty dishes?

Think prevention in your everyday activities. Squeegee the shower walls after each use to keep soap scum from building up during the week.

Have hang-ups. As in your towel. Don’t bunch it up; hang it open to allow it to dry quickly and thoroughly.

Leave the shower door open. After showering, open the shower curtain or leave the shower door ajar to allow fresh air in. This will keep mold and mildew from getting a toehold in these moist places.

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