You have spent all year keeping your home clean and doing all the fun adulting things in your life…. now it’s time to kick back and relax and take that family road trip.  So how and what should you do to keep your car clean?  Here are some of our basic thoughts when it comes to traveling and from bugs splattering on the windshield to dirt and grime getting kicked up onto the doors and rear, your once-pristine car may start looking grimy and dull. Protecting your paint job and keeping the outside of your vehicle sparkling clean requires being proactive while on the road.

How do you keep your vehicle looking its best while on the road this summer?

Bug goo, sap, road tar–the sooner you address those problems the better – these items can bake on your vehicle as you’re driving along hot summer roads and etch the paint, causing permanent damage.

Use microfiber towels, waterless car wash/wax, upholstery cleaner for spills, bug and tar remover made specifically for automobile paint and vehicle glass cleaner.  A clean windshield is essential for safe driving. Early morning and late afternoon create glare on dusty glass surfaces.

Pack a car care kit

To keep up with life on the road and the messes that come with it, make sure to pack a car care kit that can easily be stored in your trunk or cargo area.

Here is a list of some basic items whenever you go on road trips:
– Waterless wash and wax solution. These kinds of products work well for quick touch-ups, removing bugs, bird droppings and fresh water spots before they have a chance to bond to your car’s exterior and cause damage.
– Glass cleaner or glass cleaner wipes designed for automobile surfaces.
– Interior detailer wipes are great for impromptu clean-up on upholstery. Food and liquids can be safely removed to prevent odors, surface stains, and mold.
– Microfiber towels are great for both exterior and interior clean-ups or wipe-downs. They are absorbent and easy to clean.
Handheld vacuum you can easily store in your car for those unexpected spills.
– Clay bars to help remove hardened grit and grime. They are easy to stow and safely remove contaminants stuck to glass, wheels, and painted surfaces.
Some cleaning waxes add shine but don’t remove contaminants bonded to the car. Clay bars can remove smudgy swirls, grit, brake dust, and other contaminants, plus he says they can be used on just about any exterior surface.

Keep up with bug removal

While touchless car washes are great for deeper cleanings, be sure to spot-clean the front end of your car each time you stop for gas to maintain good visibility through the windshield and headlight lenses.

A bottle of bug remover spray and microfiber cloths to quickly dissolve and wipe away splattered bugs before they harden and bake onto the glass and paint.

Mind the sprinklers

When stopping at hotels or campgrounds, be mindful of sprinklers that could unexpectedly spray your car. Getting doused with sprinkler spray can leave behind unsightly water spots and stains that are tough to remove if they bake in the hot sun. Try to park away from sprinkler systems or get in the habit of drying your car off with microfiber towels after such a surprise shower.

Head to the car wash

Even with diligent spot cleaning, you’ll want to take your car to a self-serve or drive-through car wash during extended driving trips. This helps blast away road grime, tar, tree sap, dead bugs, and any other crud that builds up on your car’s exterior. Make sure to use the undercarriage wash and wheel cleaner functions too.

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