With summer and the kids home possibly all day every day, they took over. And now that schools right around the corner the kids will soon be out of the house during the day, cleaning and organizing the indoors is the last thing anybody wants to do. But it’s time to reclaim your space. And this time, you’re not doing it alone – you’re going to get the kids involved! Here’s a room cleaning checklist to get you started.

The best way to prevent everyone from giving up before you’ve started is to make sure there are enough supplies, and that the supplies are out and ready for use. Don’t give anyone an excuse to wander off in defeat. Make sure you have enough glass cleaner and disinfectant, paper towels, sponges, dusters, brooms, mops, and that the vacuum is empty and ready to be filled. Use bins to help organize toys and crafts. Depending on how young your kids are, you may need to show them how to use all this stuff, so be prepared for a tutorial if necessary.

We know that housework doesn’t have to be boring. One of the best room cleaning hacks is to make it fun for everyone. Pick their favorite playlist and crank it on the home sound system. Let them sing and dance as they clean. Make them laugh with your playlist! Make TikTok videos of them doing the work!

Create contests, for the fastest bed made, the cleanest room, the best attitude during I Don’t Want To Hour. For little kids, time them on how long it takes them to put away 10 items, giving them an opportunity to show off their counting skills AND getting their areas clean. Promise big kids dinner from their favorite restaurant if they get their rooms clean within the hour you’ve set aside. Whatever fun room cleaning motivation technique works for your family, use it. If they’re not paying attention to the fact that they’re working, they’ll get the cleaning, organizing and decluttering done faster and be happier when it’s over. And so will you!

If your kids are little or not the most attentive to details, or aware of what needs to get clean, and you want to make sure certain things get cleaned, make a room cleaning checklist for kids. Pick a room for everyone to clean, straighten and organize or just have them start with their bedrooms and make a list of the tasks that can be done quickly so they feel accomplished and stay motivated to get the work done. Pick stuff that’s quick and easy for them to clean in a short amount of time.

If it’s their rooms you want cleaned, help them make a list of things to do to get it done. Putting dirty clothes in the hamper, clean clothes away, and picking up clothes that were tried on but not worn, could be 30-40% of a dirty room.

The fact is, the cleaner the house is, the less time it will take to clean it. So, if you can incorporate I Don’t Want To Hour into every week, you’ll be able to turn messy room cleaning into room cleaning motivation to keep it clean throughout the week. And if you make it a habit now, it will be one less stressful thing to fight about when school starts.

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