Kitchen sponge is the filthiest item in the house but are you aware of the sponge bacteria facts. As per microbiologists and pathologists, not only is the sponge moist which makes it easy for disease-causing bacteria to grow, but also are covered in food particles. You yourself are helping the bacteria to thrive by providing them whatever they need. You would most probably not like to give dinner guests cramps and send your loved ones running to the washroom after having a meal.

Here’s a lowdown on a few tips for cleaning dish sponges that you should be familiar with from maid services in Overland Park that can prove to be highly beneficial:

Clean your Sponges on a Regular Basis– Cleaning the sponge daily can significantly decrease the odds of spreading bacteria around the kitchen. Microwaving is another effective option. In a microwave, keep a wet sponge for one to two minutes and turn it on. Let it cool before removing it. Along with your dishes, you can wash your sponge in the dishwasher as well.

Go for a Microfiber Sponge– It is advisable that you go for a microfiber if you are looking for a new clean dish sponge. Manufacturers do not make any false claims that microfiber reduces bacteria but the composition of the material helps it to dry quickly which significantly cuts short the time in which bacteria may develop. You can easily find microfiber sponges online or in your local grocery store.

Before Storing, rinse your Dish Sponge and Dry– It is mainly the food bits and dampness that leads to pathogen growth. You can hinder their progress by rinsing your sponge nicely after cleaning. Go ahead and wring as much water as possible and store the sponge in a dry area like a sponge rack.

Throw Away Sponges after a Stipulated Period of Time– Do not keep sponge for a long period of time as it may start to smell bad which is basically the smell of a happy colony of bacteria growing on the very item you use to clean your countertops and dishes. Regular cleaning of microfiber sponges can help them last as long as a month before they need replacing.

Never use a Dish Cloth– There are a few problems attached with using a dish cloth with the first problem being dish cloths don’t dry out as quickly as sponges, making them more likely to grow bacteria. People have this tendency of not washing their dish cloths as often as they should. One should remember that dish cloths should be washed on a daily basis and replaced on time.

Hope, our tips prove to be beneficial for you. Keep your kitchen cleaner by following these tips.

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