If you like to keep a clean home, chances are you have already hired professional cleaning services like Steady Pro Cleaning to keep your place spic and span. After all, nothing gets the job done like a home cleaning service. But as much as we would like to hire house cleaning services in Kansas City as often as possible, the reality for most people is they still make the effort themselves during many times.

On days or weeks when hiring professional cleaning services like Steady Pro Cleaning is not possible, you can still get the job done by yourself. What you need to make sure is that you have the right tools for the job – the same tools that house cleaning services in Kansas City use themselves. Here’s a rundown of the essential cleaning tools to have on hand – a list that would do a home cleaning service proud!

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1. Squeegee Brush. Professional cleaning services like Steady Pro Cleaning would approve having squeegee brushes on hand. House cleaning services in Kansas City also use keep squeegee brushes in their arsenal because they work well in keeping windows and showers clean.

2. Spray bottles. If you hire a home cleaning service, you will notice that they carry a lot of spray bottles with them. This is because professional cleaning services overland park like Steady Pro Cleaning use different cleaning liquids. Having them in a spray bottle makes application easy, so you should do the same in your home just like what house cleaning services in Kansas City do.

3. Sponges. There are different types of sponges, and it’s best to have a little of each (regular, abrasive, microfiber mix, etc.) just like what a home cleaning service has. It’s a great material for mopping up liquids, getting grime out of surfaces and more. Just make sure you throw them out when they get moldy, otherwise you will just be spreading germs.

4. Microfiber cloths. Professional cleaning services like Steady Pro Cleaning give the thumbs up to microfiber cloths, which are super absorbent and are able to dry surfaces with leaving streaks or scratches.

5. Toothbrush. House cleaning services in Kansas City are able to get the grime out of narrow or very detailed areas thanks to the help of toothbrushes. The small bristles are able to pick at cracks and cervices better than towels or bigger brushes, so be sure to have several on hand at any time! Instead of buying new ones for cleaning purposes, say house cleaning services Kansas City, just keep your old ones and disinfect them to make them safe to use.

6. Buckets. Say goodbye to multiple trips to the sink by having buckets on hand for cleaning. Be sure to have several of these on hand for your cleaning and rinsing solutions.

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These tools are great to have to ensure that you are well-equipped in cleaning your home when necessary. The great thing about these tools is that most of them are either free or cost-effective so you need not spend so much in order to have a well-stocked cleaning closet!